Home Discussion Forum I suffer from bipolar disorder, is this a spiritual phenomena?

I suffer from bipolar disorder, is this a spiritual phenomena?

many professionals think the or-gin of this disorder in the classic type may very we be a spiritual awakening, my mania was like this spiritual trip that was so moving it changed me forever, I believe I actually experienced christ in special way, what do you think


  1. What do I think?
    I think bi-polar is a mental sickness.
    It is a breaking down, not a building up.
    Don’t look for anything mystical in it.

  2. I suggest you listen to your psychiatrist/psychologist. Spiritual phenomena or no, it is still a dangerous condition that needs to be treated.

  3. There is nothing spiritual about it. It is a mental illness, so be sure to stay on the regimen recommended by your doctor.

  4. I am bipolar, I think your confusing it with Schizophrenia. Bipolarity only causes people to change moods very often, not to act like other people or to give you hallucinogenic effects, That would be you being crazy.

  5. I think you should treat your bipolar disorder as you would any other illness, and seek to experience Christ through the Bible, prayer and fellowship with other Christians.
    Btw: Don’t go off your meds. God is bigger than any drugs. 🙂

  6. Bipolar Depression is a largely genetic and physical ailment. It’s pretty dangerous to expect that prayers alone will cure it. Would you tell someone with diabetes to stop taking insulin and pray for that to go away? I wouldn’t. God can use doctors and medication to heal people. Even the Apostle Paul said to take “a little wine for thy health sake”.

  7. isn’t that what the religious texts teaches? doesn’t teach that the source of all undesireable things come from a magic evil guy and the source of all good comes from a magic benign one? if people really believed that, would there be any doctors, any real treatments, understanding? No

  8. No. My brother, who is bipolar, believed god was speaking to him when he gave away all of his belongings, including the shirt off his own back. He doesn’t look back on this with fond memories.

  9. Many people that are religious have been stereotyped and “labeled” as having bi-polar disorder, wrongly. It was taken out of the DSM for that very reason! They don’t understand it and don’t believe in miracles. It was a historical fact that i was an attempt to stop religious people from praying and acknowledging an imaginary person. It is also refered to as being primative.
    Bi-polar disorder is very real and medical attention should be sought out.
    Chemicals do change in the brain when a person prays, regardless of religion and statistics show those in a blind study that wer prayed for healed better. The Study was done by the Amen Clinic and The University of Pittsburgh.

  10. It seems to me that this condition is very spiritual but everyone I heard of who had this trouble took lots of meds. However, the meds didn’t cure them at all. They just became completely dependent on them.
    Don’t know what advice is right here except to draw near to the Lord and he will draw near to you. Nothing is impossible with God. He can cure you of anything. Trust him with all your heart. Stay in the word day and night. Meditate on the word. Pray the healing scriptures. God bless you.

  11. I think at this stage person go to meditation Institute where he should do meditation daily and taking medicine will worse your conditions


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