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I sometimes get this weird sensation in my chest that's really nice, but I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?

I kind of have a hard time explaining this, especially since I really don’t believe in anything that isn’t clearly real, particularly new age stuff. That said, I sometimes get this sensation that more closely resembles an “open heart chakra” than anything else I know of. I got this feeling for the first time (that I know of) when I was five and a friend was braiding my hair. I have since gotten it while listening to presentations, at the doctor’s office, and talking to friends. The common thread between these things seems to be allowing another person to either talk a lot about something they know a lot about, or watching them do something they’re really good at. Physical contact is not required.
In terms of describing the feeling… it feels kind of like a fuzzy warm energy in my chest, which then sort of emanates in what feel like sparkly ribbons to other parts of my body. Eighteen years of trying, and that is the best description I can come up with.
While there is no better feeling in the world than the feeling I just described, I feel really stupid about the whole thing because it sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and I’d really just like to know what exactly it is I’m experiencing so I can quit thinking about it and just enjoy it.


  1. Oh my GOD, that’s totally crazy because I get a similar thing and I always wondered if I was strange. I get it in doctor’s offices too – I usually get it when I am sitting next to somebody who is reading, and it’s a calm place, though the last time I got it (this is so funny) was when I was listening to a tour guide talk about something she knew a lot about! You nailed it. Hilarious. I wonder what’s up with that. I was just reading that biologists were trying to explain why people cooperated with other people, and they found that some people’s brains released pleasure chemicals (endorphins) when they helped another person. So my guess is that you (like me) are a nice person who likes to help others, and you genuinely take pleasure in other people’s company. You are good for the human species!

    • Adamo: Interesting. I am big into cooperation. Although I feel good when I do that (I’m HUGE into the pay-it-forward movement, I feel it more randomly. I’ll have to check into that further, however.

  2. i also feel that way. we’re the same esp. if i can see children happy or smiling, I’d feel like my heart is gonna burst in happiness. i don’t know why. and if i see old people trying hard or still working, and if i see poor people in the streets it’s like my heart is gonna burst because of sadness. i don’t know what it is.

  3. I think you are right about an open heart chakra. It means that the energy of love that you have flows freely to others and is not blocked by your having hang-ups or selfishness. The Buddhists would refer to this feeling as compassion and loving-kindness.
    Keep up your good work, it’s special. You could probably train to be an energy healer with those qualifications.

  4. I am soo happy that I found you because I feel exactly the same good sensation in my chest and I thought I am alone with this until I found you webpage. 🙂
    The first time when I felt it was when I was young around 5 years old and my cousin was braiding my hair. I also feel it when the cleaner comes to clean my room, or I am talking on the phone to a friend or I am at the hairdresser..etc. I also didn’t know how to desribe that feeling but you described it very well as a fuzzy warm energy in the chest, it is exactly! so do you think it is connection with the open heart chakra? because I would be really interested to learn more about what this sensation means..I was wondering about it ages!!!

  5. I haven’t notice any correlations with other people or doctors offices, but lately I have been getting these extremely pleasurable waves of euphoria rise up in my chest, and they do feel fuzzy good.although it has been a long time since i’ve done MDMA/extacy, it feels a lot like the waves of euphoria that I experienced while on that but better. I have no idea what is happening but I am so curious. a few times have been when i go for a midafternoon nap and right as im about to lose conciousness it happens and the euphoria makes me open my eyes and re awakens me, but more than not, I am awake and going about my day, i might be making food at work or washing dishes or something.I have also felt huge bursts of energy the last week or so, like i was on adderall or speed or something, again , it’s been a long time since i have done anything like that and the only drug I do is a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, but that is nothing new in my lifestyle. but I will go all day long in a contradicting state of euphoria where I am speedy yet doing the slow closing of the eye thing with the euphoric fuzzy feeling in my chest that is reminiscent of being on an opiate of sorts, so its really really weird, but im not complaining because it feels fantastic and im getting alot done and it’s free! haha I was going to say ” and it’s natural!” but is it? i am a believer in energy within the body and chakras and lightbodies and all that “jazz”, so it could very well be that, but I am also aware that we are influenced by outside sources, so who knows, if YOU know ,please enlighten me on this delicious sensation.

  6. i experience something of the same nature, like an energy or a tingling feeling in my chest, but i do it voluntarily… I don’t need any stimulus to get it started and every1 calls me crazy. Well, except one of my friend who says he can do the same thing. Can you guys do it urself? its a reaaaaally good feeling n it makes my neck jolt a little n i can distribute part of the intensity of the feeling to any part of my body i focus on. Any1 the same?

  7. You are not alone out there. In fact, it is actually quite common in most people. IT has to do with a chemical reaction that occurs in the brain while happy, which somewhat has to do with your pain responses. I get the same feeling when laying down with my mate and her arms are wrapped around me, or when my spirit guide hugs me, or when i see my guardian angels watching over me.
    The easiest way to explain the cause of this feeling, is that it comes from a feeling of safety, belonging, other peoples happiness, and whatever else takes your mind off its troubles.
    Being a teen still, i experience this feeling very often, being a lone wolf and all, i usually rely on being everyones teddy bear and shoulder to cry on, and it feels good, knowing im helping, or that im making someone happy. That is another great way to get this feeling.

  8. Hi there
    It’s good to know other people have this too. I didn’t know how to describe it, and it’s as you have described it. Ir rises up from my heart up to my chest, like a wave. It only happens to me when I see or hear a baby, or a cute animal.

  9. I have the same sensation, specially when im reading somethin of spiritual nature. In fact, i have found that i have the abilty to induce this sensation whenever i want just by reduging the ammount of thoughts in my mind or concentrating at something calm like the sound of the wind blowing on trees or bird sounds, etc. Its an amazing sensation and you described just as happend to me and as i can see, with other people aswell. Good to see im not alone with that.

  10. It’s called happiness. The ‘lone wolf’ was closest with endorphins, before he went all crazy with the guardian angel stuff.. Endorphins make you feel good in your chest when you do something beneficial to the survival of the species. That’s how life works.

  11. I absolutely am in love with this feeling…I get it when I’m talking to this boy. It makes me feel like I KNOW were meant to be. Like, my soul is telling me that this is where I’m meant to be. It’s such a safe feeling. <3

  12. Hi I have been experiencing the similar symptoms as you all had described but with one exception. I also feel these “nice” warmth around my solar plexus when I think about this guy… it’s impossible that it’s all about happiness because right now I feel totally miserable exactly because of him 🙁

  13. It is called Christ. Your open heart chakra is open to the world. You will notice a bunch of people will enjoy your presence more and there won’t be any demonic people trying to knock you off the pyramid anymore. Be careful though because there are people that refuse to accept the feeling because they love their own misery and they will try hard to knock you down. Just simply replace their motives with the opposite thought in your head. Know that they will be okay and will feel the same and who knows. They may just end up catching it. 🙂

  14. Hi (: I’m exactly the same! I’ve had this since I was really small. It happens each time someone helps me with something whether it be with work, writing things for me in my book or there is a deep conversation going on. I also get the feeling when I get given meaningful things like cards or letters and I keep re-reading them to feel that way.

  15. I used to get tthat feeling from when I was a child up until when I was about 16 and it would be when someone touched my hair or when I would share with someone or let someone borrow something of mine! It was a wonderful feeling of happiness. I haven’t gotten it in a long time and I miss it!

  16. I get this feeling too, however, lately it is constant, and because it is so unfamiliar of course I am afraid there is something wrong with me. Could it be medical? I can control the energy and probablly move it where ever I want but it is more powerful than my courage to move it so I always stop. My best way to describe it is a pleasurable, electric, warm sensastion. Intensily strong. It scares me.

  17. I get this feeling to an extent that it hurts when I speak to someone “special” to me who is in another country. This feeling gets stronger and stronger as the talk gets more and more towards feelings of unconditional love for eachother, Yet we have never met. It seems odd because I have never felt this way until she was sincerely nice to me just for what I told her I was going through. And @Ninja, are you always around anyone specific recently? Or recently taken to carrying any odd charms or pendants? If yes then try removing this variable. I would not wish my heart to feel this that heavily for extended periods. And the others here are correct the “Open heart chakra” or whatever a person desires to call it, is not exactly “noticeable” by a doctor. Other than vague “your rate is abnormal” comments during all of my E.E.G. scans I can get no further information out of the doctor, though I can tell she is holding something back. What is to hold back from a 17 yer old/s E.E.G.? Perhaps I will never know.

  18. There is an actual label… ASMR…Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response. It is a natural feeling of euphoria in the brain, stemming from certain soothing and relaxing repetiting ations. On You Tube, there are many, many videos that trigger those wonderful desired tingles. They are great for personal times of relaxation ,meditation, time out, or winding down before bed. Happy tingling ! Staci

  19. Oh wow its so great I’ve finally found someone that talks about this. All the people I’ve tried to explain this to don’t know what I’m talking about, probably because I can’t really explain it well, I really liked how you put it though, think Ill use it.
    Its a lot different for me when I get it though, I only get it when I’m doing something that I enjoy and relaxs me(I get it whenever I watch the interrogation scene in Inglorious Basterds), but any sudden physical exertion and the feeling disappears. Really hope some researcher eventually gives this feeling a name or someting.

  20. I always tought it was the holy spirit (god, jesus and the holy spirit). That is what I’ve learned when growing up. It feels realy good and peacefull, often in my heart. Sometimes I can feel it in my troath too. I have always seen it as a way God comunicates with me. This is the only thing(and that love exist, and good and evil also) that keeps me in my faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
    But I don’t know, I think and hope it’s a spirtual thing.

  21. so funny I’ve been looking everywhere for people who know this feeling and I get it when I reminisce about my husband is away or when I receive letters from him or when I think about himit’s like a warm fuzzy feeling and it feels like I’m going to burst with hapyness

  22. its always over random different things like if I read a letter its a certain part in a letter but it could be different on different days feeling rarely comes back at the same time it’s totally spontaneous but it feels like I’m in some deep love I really can’t describe it

    • That is how I feel with mine, Nicole. Randomly. It’s beautiful. It can be anywhere, anyplace and with no pattern I have found. What it is, I don’t know, but it’s as if I am almost realizing why I feel this love sensation, but I never quite do. It feels, like you said, deep love. I’ve been feeling it for years. It may be something physical, like a symptom of something (I have hypothyroidism) or it may be spiritual. I am not religious at all, but I do believe in energy and the multiverse. I wish I knew, but I am glad I am not alone.

  23. I know this feeling. I hope we are talking about the same feeling. When I feel it though it is a pleasant feeling I sense lonliness. It sort of feels like my body is reminding me to love myself reminding me of me. I was also told that was a homesick feelin. Whatever it is im glad im not alone

  24. Reading the comments, some say it is ASMR and other says it is spiritual. I think what you have experienced was more spiritual.
    I have been experiencing a sensation like yours whenever I think about my crush (only in my crush). I’ve got a pleasurable feeling in the center of my chest, near my heart area. I’ve done some reasearch about this and I’ve found out some explanation that we are experiencing this because we are connecting to the soul of the person we are thinking of.

  25. My experience is a little different. I get this feeling almost all the time, a lot of times when I’m moving from one part of the house to another. What it feels like to me is a potentially great feeling just waiting to happen, in the dead-center of my chest. I always had this idea that if I were to concentrate on it I could really bring it out, but I’ve never attempted to do that before today. I guess maybe because it seemed like such a woo-woo idea, and I’m not much of a woo-woo person.
    Today I was feeling unbelievably stressed out, and I noticed that feeling. Again, just a small, oddly pleasant notion in the center of my chest. It made me kind of want to pat myself on the belly, so I did while concentrating all of my attention on that spot in my chest. It felt really good, in a deep, almost painful kind of way. I stopped, and noticed the feeling again, and locked my fingers together and pressed my hands together forcefully, again concentrating on that spot in my chest. The feeling grew even more.
    It seemed to me that I could almost will the feeling to arise after that, so I did a couple of times. Those times I just really focused intently on that spot in my chest. I made that feeling spread throughout my torso each time.
    Now I feel really good, mostly in my torso, though I’m not as worried as I was before. Although I can almost feel the feeling changing to one that’s not so pleasant, like maybe one of anxiety.
    At numerous times throughout my life I’ve had reason for being really, really stressed, and a number of times I’ve noticed that the feeling of deep anxiety in my chest wasn’t far from being good, and I’ve sometimes felt the same great feeling I just described interspersed in bouts of anxiety.
    It’s almost like my body or brain is a little confused about the difference between anxiety and a deep physical pleasure. The great feeling appears in the same exact spot in my chest that I feel anxiety.
    Just for fun I tried the same thing on my feet, and my knees, and got a similar response, though not as intense as in my chest. It seems as though I can concentrate on any part of my body and make it feel good.
    Really weird stuff, especially for such a non woo-woo person as myself.

  26. Oh my goodness. I’ve been trying Ono figure out what I’ve been feeling for the last 4 years but so far every time I come up with something it’s always a bit off. But your descriptions seems spot on. I don’t understand why it happens. It starts a little higher than the center if my chest and kinda just webs outwards. It happens at different times. Mostly when I’m relaxed or just relived. But not always. I don’t really know what it is.

  27. I have a nice good feeling in my heart and I feel it a ton I love it I get alot of times in one hour more than like 5 times. I get it when I’m happy when something good is in the future something I’m proud of when a girl is nice to me and etc

  28. I say it with pride but I was playing undertale doing the true ending then bam I got it this new feeling I’ve never had WHAT is it its like a warm hug on the inside I was shaking with it
    I felt happy and worth some thing nothing could make me sad .then after a while it left out of lust I tried to get it back (as a gamer I thought it was undertale imean it made sense so I played agin no luck it was gone)after that only one other time did I feel it while I was listening to a song (histrousel v3(sorry)) dose anyone know what it is ?????

  29. This is just ASMR, your story of a friend braiding your hair as a child makes it obvious that it was about receiving personal attention which is very common with ASMR.

  30. I too have this weird but good sensation in my chest that kind of spreads throughout my body. It’s like a strong pleasant piercing in my heart that spreads warmth The my chest and head. It happens when I feel someone is worried about me, but it has to be someone close to me and it works best when it’s a guy. As if that isn’t strange enough, it also happens when I see someone worried about someone else like in a movie or a book. Just thinking about it can make me feel that powerful warm feel. I can’t tell you how great it is to see I’m not the only one this kind of thing happens to!
    So I was looking through the comments and some wrote about this being ASMR. I took the test to see if any of those sounds triggered this feeling I have and it did! If you’re curious, take a test on YouTube or online to see if you have this kind of ASMR. If not, it may be that your ASMR or warm tingling feelings are triggered by something else like intent attention to you or someone close to you showing they care. I think that’s why mine happens when someone worries – because it shows they care. Thank you for your question! Your question lead me to answer mine that I’ve been struggling to figure out all my life!

    • As far as I can tell it seems to be love. Everytime I watch a inspirational video from Markiplier or jacksepticeye I always have that feeling grow from my chest to my throat and stomach, it’s the best feeling I have ever experienced. And anytime I hear either of their voices I just randomly get that feeling so I’m pretty sure it’s a mixture of happiness and love.

  31. Hello i have a sensation like that i have many times that i feel diferent things , for example one day was staying out it was cold , i was “playing” with my hands (i didn’t have my phone in that moment). I was keeping my hands opened close to each other and i started to feel warm that made me curious and i may have been staying like that more than 20min , than i went to my home and imediately to bed i continued staying like that. Tomorrow morning i had to go to work, while i was walking with my bike i had a coldand a strong wind in front of me surprisingly my hands wasn’t freezing i was very outdated how that thing was happening since it looked like my hands were creating a shield around them.

  32. I have been trying to understand what is this feeling for years now, and this is the first time I come upon a description that explains exactly what I experience. The first time I felt this I was 7 while watching a movie, during a scene where a character died for another. It doesn’t happen very often, but I feel like there are days that I feel more ‘sensitive’. Then, one time I met a man in the street, and I got it when I looked at him and I kind of saw scenes of his life?? I don’t believe in theses kinds of things, and I don’t know how to explain it, but I swear, I felt like I knew him, even though I didn’t. I feel like I get this thing when I see an image of people being happy for the same reason (like a soccer match), doing something they love or when they are worried about someone else.

  33. Heh, I get a similar feeling of very pleasant warmth or expansion in the center of my chest and lower neck, combined with head and arm tingles; for me it mostly happens if someone is asking me questions about myself, and only with strangers; even better if it’s on the phone.. In fact, I first noticed it when a political pollster called me; so, the closeness and contact actually doesn’t trigger it at all. I’m guessing it’s just another form of ASMR.

  34. The thing that you have talking I can also do it. I can able to create this from the center of my heart and make it flow through out my body. It starts as an explosion and when it happens it vibrates and I can make it travel. When I make it reach my hands, it starts shaking. Then after that loose breath and stop. After I stop it travels back to the center. recently I have been able to do that at the center of my head. Although it is very mild but I can feel it.

  35. I get this feeling once in a while too. No sharing the circumstances which are described here. This feeling comes always out of the blue. It suprizes me ever time and it is a great warm feeling sensation which lasts only for a few seconds and its gone. It may sound wired but this warm feeling feels like yellow colour when it starts out in my heart and while it spreads out to my chest it feels like white colour. No idea what it is.


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