I seriously want to learn how to better use my telepathy.?

Mysticism Beyond Bridge Death  - sciencefreak / Pixabay
sciencefreak / Pixabay

I want to learn to develop my telepathy and use it for good. I want no part in the occult or anything like that. I just want to know how I can use it easier and develop it. Just a list of things that could help me.


  1. We can connect with the secrets of each others mind when we can trust each other with our content. Our minds must be pure and they will be open. When there is love there can be no secrets. It’s not technology that will bring us together, but trust.

  2. Well since this is in psychology then i suggest that you seek out a councilor or some form of help. Seriously do you people ever even bother to study the brain at all before you decide that you can sully the name of psychology with this garbage? You have no special powers you are no better than anyone else, get used to it. Do you even know how many different areas of the brain there are? or what they do? Can you tell me what part controls hormones or what the parietal lobe is without googleing it? And yet you people always insist that your brain is special and that you have powers because the mind is such a mystery to you, well its not. Anyone with a penance for knowledge could easily study the mind and then appreciate it to the point where they wouldnt degrade their own mind by insisting that it has some power that people from the dark ages thought existed. You stunt progress, go study the planet around you before you disregard reality for this garbage.

  3. You have to learn to ‘connect’ with people. google telepathy and read a buch of stuff, you gotta know your science. Me and this other girl were really connected, understanding of each other, and we were always knowing what the other was thinking, literally.


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