HomeDiscussion ForumI seem to give out negative energy, how can I improve myself?

I seem to give out negative energy, how can I improve myself?

I feel like Im losing my friends because of this. Please help me!


  1. My friends always think I’m depressed, because I look at the floor when I walk. But really, I’m just very interested in the floor. Try to tell your friends of your concerns, and maybe they’ll understand more, or they’ll help you.

  2. Your question is very vague but generally you shouldn’t talk about things negatively and stop disagreeing with people. Talk about how nice the weather is and how you like someone’s clothes.etc but don’t overdo it. Agree with people or ‘agree to disagree’ but don’t shoot down someone’s opinions they will feel bad about it.

  3. do you feel it in yourself?
    are you aware of being negative or strange?
    when i got out of the army i was a truly disturbed individual(before that too but really bad after i got out) and i was aware of it and i could tell when it would have an effect on people. even when i was trying to act normal i would still creep people out.
    only advice i can give you is get help. mine was self help. i just got self help books by Anthony Robbins and Paul McKenna and changed myself by doing the stuff in their books.

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