I seek the physical powers of magick?





by lyulfian fenrir:

i am not a punk kid playing with this i have experience in Thelema and other ritualistic magick. I have had success in some of my operations and initiations but these are designed for inner workings. my interest are on effecting the physical plane not with indirect action from spirits and energies but to create, manifest, and use my own for healing defensive and at the moment a necessity is offensive energies. i guess really my question comes down to: How do I Manifest my own energy into all the dimensions of physical space because the being a mirror thing isn’t really working for me). mirrors work great till you smash it with a hammer (I understand that its to symbolize bouncing back the energies of the aggressor). SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW TO UNLOAD SOME MAGICAL SMACK DOWN ON THIS GUY?!!! preferably showing me how to affect change with physical action and sheer will i have tried and i don’t know why its not working properly.

Answer by Spike ( the wonder dog )
It looks so cool when you add a k to magic.


  1. Hmmm – I have thoughts about your aims but I am not judging here and you may have your reasons.
    You say that you have some experience in ritual Magick. Well have you ever read about a Magus throwing fireballs or stuff of that effect? No. The inner working is actually which leads you to the path where you finally may effect the material plane. But that indeed requires years and years of practice, devotion and patience. Just some banishing and Star Ruby now and then does not do. You know Thelema, so you know that the will is what makes things possible – still it needs a lot of practice… Unfortunately Magick is not about fast solutions and although I am far away from claiming to know everything, I doubt that anyone can give you a first aid-quick-solution-pack. You could try to work with the Goetia but that requires some experience in ritual. But I guess you know that too.
    If however you find a way anyways, I would love to hear about that…

  2. Yes.
    I can help you:)
    But it’s not easy and takes at least a few weeks to learn unless you are a balls out born natural…
    But if that were true then you’d already be causing hurt to others with a mere thought…
    I would like to be compensated in some way for my services if you are truly interested…

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