I see auras round people (its a psi vampire thing)????

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What do the different colors represent like i saw green around one person and red around another? i would like to know cause i take peoples energy reguardless of the color. Also i rarally see black aura around people but should i take their energy if i see black aura around someone!???
in response to the first person no it is only when i focus on a person and fixsate on their third eye then i close my eyes before sucking the energy to see what type of aura they have its then that i see the aura not till then! and i just had a CAT scan a couple of months ago and there were no tumors plus their would be pressure on the brain and ENORMOUS head aches if i had a tumor!
i am psychic i have seen auras for most of my life ever since i were 8 i have seen them and have craved the extra energy and just found out the details recently!

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Not to knock your psychic ability, but if you are seeing auras around people, you should get a CAT scan. Seeing halos and auras is indicative of a brain tumor.

Joe D

I’m guessing its probably the same meaning as those mood rings you see people wear.
Wouldn’t a black aura be considered evil intent of some sort?




Red is normally associated with anger, green might be peace and black, death. It is possible to see the aura in spite of the skepticism of a previous answerer. Look at a person who is a few yards away but focus your eyes at a point a few feet beyond the persons head. I have done this many times but have not seen the color spectrum the questioner talks about.


I think you should sell energy drinks for a living. You’de make a killing, just take what you want and then sell them a energy drink.

Marcus R.

The aura is their emotion, not their energy, so your taking their feelings, not their energy. What your confessing to is that your making other people cold and you want to believe its a good thing? Its not. Better you take your gift of sight and add to their aura for the reward is greater and longer lasting when we can add rather than subtract.

Distorted Vision

I hate to break it to you, but this is not a psychic power.
You have a stage 3 or 4 tumor putting pressure on the visual cortex. It MAY still be operable or treatable, and time is of the essence. You have a few weeks to a few months before you start losing vision, if you haven’t already. (Many people fail to notice early vision loss due to the distracting nature of the visual distortions.)
Get to a doctor STAT, while you can still see.

killy gonso

I am korean. I have met someone on the chatting site who knows what people including me did in the past and how I look like without seeing me. I was shocked this kind of things really exist. I heard white coloured halo appear on the people who are holy and we can also see halo by traning gi(or ki, ê¸°ìˆ˜ë ¨, æ°£). in korea, there are many 기 trainers who can see the halo around people’s head. according to korean buddhist people, they saw golden halo from high buddhist monk, when he prepared the speech in front of large people and and It’s about to rain and got dark. If you see the picture of apparition of saint maria(mother of christ jesus) in egypt, you can see white round halo thing around maria’s head from the picture. take a look at this http://www.ascension-research.org/images/zeitun.jpg
and you can see the many halo symbol from Ikon(christion drawing.). according to korean 기 trainers, halo is from our part of head where you can touch the hole on the upper neck of our back( I don’t know how to call it in English).
according to this person from original korean naver (지식인)knowledge from which yahoo answer was copied(http://kin.naver.com/open100/db_detail.php?d1id=6&dir_id=60302&eid=k6yHHKGobAHClIJaSE7JK5qd0FLmf99q&qb=yMSxpA==), black aura is from people who hate so much and killed somebody. we korean have expression 혼구멍 났다(literal translation is ‘there is hole on the gate of soul’, actual meaning is hu It was very hard to do) this gate of soul actually means 아문(where you can touch the hole on your back of head). I am sure you will know so much more about halo or spiritual things, if you study 기공(ki, gi) 동양 종교( korean or eastern religion). I saw many korean religious people know about spiritual things in detail and have supernatural ability either by nature or training. I don’t want to know about that because I am christian. you have natural ability to see halo. that’s good. I am sure you can develop your ability more by training and read korean philosophy (?)


I’m sure there are websites out there for those kinds of things; look around


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