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I see auras, I have visions of angels and I hear spirits whisper in my ear?

am i crazy, psychic, both
because right now it’s too much for me to take, some yogi told me i’m enlightened, I was in a trancsedental state from meditation for 7 days
does anyone know a reference to a spiritual guru
and now a month after this im having a nervous breakdown, even suicidal thoughts, im living a hell
Im not schizophrenic or manic depressive, Ibe been checked out by a couple shrinks


  1. You need a Medical Doctor. Shrinks don’t always help without seeing a real doctor. Could be a physical problem causing this. Chemical imbalance or something. Go!

  2. You need to go to church and to get whatever is plaguing you out of your system. Im not christian but I know that Jesus is the only way.

    • You’re not a ‘Christian’? That’s funny since “Jesus is the only way” is an (dare I say) idea exclusive to western ‘Christianity’.
      But if Jesus will give our blogger an in-office consultation appt, then that should at least help.

  3. try to find some kind of spiritual or psychic school. I only know of one in California called Berkeley Psychic Institute. Maybe if you call them they can refer you to one in your area. If you don’t learn how to control it, it will control you.

  4. Read God’s truth in the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch.. Get a copy at your library… There is no problem too difficult for God to handle. God bless

    • I think the Kybalion would be much better for you, dear blogger. It may be that you are having the experience some refer to as “Kundalini”. A lot of people get all self-important and “woo-woo” about it, but it’s just par for the course. We are expected to grow. So do it and shut up about it unless someone asks. Even then, speak little or nothing at all about it. I see and hear things too. I think everyone does to some degree whether they realize it or not. Despite waking visions and other strange-ities, I am a fully functional and highly logical member of society. Credentials: A rock musician, business woman, part-time house wife-ish thing, and philosopher to boot. Don’t fear! Face the things you seeeeee! XD

      • Oh and Neale Walsch is a total charlatan, for the record. His books are almost 100% double-speak. He buys his own nonsense. Don’t follow him unless you want to look ridiculous and possibly damage your conscience.

  5. it just means that your spiritual link is stronger than most. its something to treasure. and i do recommend you reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. it is a real eye opener

  6. Your chakras were blasted open and that is a shock in and of itself. What you are seeing and hearing is real. You are seeing in more than one dimension. That is what ascension/spiritual evolution is all about. Live by your ethics in your heart and by your intuition/your spirit. The mind is not very capable of handling our higher vibrational bodies. Higher vibration is a higher dimension of living or being. You are quite normal for an awakened person. congrats.

  7. No you are not crazy,eventually everyone on this planet will have developed these gifts.The negative thoughts you are having are coming from a not so nice entity or you are picking up someone Else’s thoughts or absorbing there energies and are thinking they are yours,I know many people that have experienced this .when this happens to you tell them to get out of your head and leave you alone that this does not belong to you.when you meditate alway add this into your meditation,Only good can enter my space all other energies are not welcome.

  8. Stop meditating so much. Seriously. You can slow it down on your own. There are many that experience angels, and guides that whisper in our ears.
    Don’t let it overwhelm you, remember that you have the power to control it. You can ask God for assistance as well, whatever you conceive God to be….
    Enlightenment is a life long process, we are constantly evolving, or, waking up. 🙂
    Give your head a rest for a while and go outside to the mountains or to the beach or get together with someone and share with them.

  9. You have already seen professionals and that hasn’t helped. It is possible that you are a true psychic or a sensitive. This can be a positive thing. If you believe in God or a higher power pray to him for the strength and courage to get through this trying time. Ask him to take away or limit your abilities so you can handle it better.
    There are a lot of people who search for psychics to help them. If you receive visions that can warn or help others then this is a good thing. You must be able to accept it in a positive manner. You can do a lot of good with this information. The next time a spirits whispers in your ear ask it questions and you might find it to be an interesting conversation. I agree read Conversations with God and other books like that that may help you,
    If you believe you are psychic, then try Adventures of a Psychic by Silvia Browne. She talks about her personal experience with thinking she was crazy.
    Good Luck with your quest…. Let me know how things work out for you! God Bless

  10. Your Third Eye might me activated. I can only suggest that u ask help from ur Siprit Guide.
    Spirit Guides show us the right path towards spiritualism.
    To contact them MEDITATE. I you desire touches the mountains the Spirit Guide will come him/her self.
    If this does not work then I can suggest u to go to a spiritual country in India. You can go for the Osho Dhara Enlightened Masters. For more details of Osho Dhara log on to http://www.oshodhara.com
    Hope you ll find the solution,
    Best of Luck.

  11. Hey relax, for you to go insane from seeing, hearing and feeling what you sense. This reality would have to be absolute. It is not and you are only insane when you lose control of your mind.
    Take a deep breath, its not so serious. What we call reality is only a perception that was taught to you. Things are what we believe them to be, we are creating this reality ourselves.
    And now, he he, you may think I am insane. My question to you is what is sane and insane? And who is more insane one who is completely trapped by their limited perception of the world because it feels safe, or one who senses there is more. The key point is mind control. Use your meditation to control your internal dialog and relax.
    My point is insanity is not because one sees auras and senses beings, but because one allows their mind to lose control over it. There is much more to the world, than we are taught to see, by people who were also taught to see. Show me one who knows what reality really is and I will show you god. We all see our perception of reality slightly different.
    If you are ready to kill yourself over this, than you are taking yourself and reality way too seriously. Relax it ain’t that critical. You will be OK.

  12. I once Hear a voice, as if someone really was next to me talking, it got me so scare, I even felt the breath next to my ear, I went running for Holy Water and sprinkle it all over doing the sign of the cross. I am not crazy, this things happend but you must be careful, we dont know if it is the Satan, dress as an Angel of light, so the best thing is to confess to a Priest and let Jesus speak through him, so you may know what it really is. There is no other way, only the Church .. Catholic Church has the power to discern the truth through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. Write a journal, and do what your spiritual director tells you to do. Dont go looking for paranormal explanations, because you might find them (and you wont like them.. evil spirits), and they wont be the appropiate one. May God bless you .

  13. Dont feel bad i can see spirits too and hear them calling me for help. I dnt no y but i can and see the future. Ur not crazy or phyoco.


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