Home Discussion Forum i see auras, and im only thirteen. what do i do?

i see auras, and im only thirteen. what do i do?

i was at PE when i started seeing auras. i was thinking about my powerbook 145 macintosh, and my Toshiba, when my vision went black. all i saw were outlines of colors. this is freaky. was i just hallucinating?


  1. These are of the devil……..
    Get saved and pray for protection from this.
    Or you could just sit further back from the monitor………

  2. May be your senses are tied up.
    This happens with some people and when they listen to music or eat something delicious, they see auras.
    These are the people who are actually enjoying what the nature has given us with all their senses.
    If you are so then “Lucky You”!!!

  3. Get yourself checked for epilepsy, and don’t spend too long staring at the screen! I spent 15 hours on my computer once and all I could see were little icons everywhere.
    PS this isn’t taking the mickey, I’m serious – maybe you do see auras but if your vision blacked out you should get an eye test at least. Do you have headaches?

  4. Things like that can happen anytime when you are looking at a television or computer screen for a long period of time…

  5. No.There are auras around people. We just can’t see them anymore. A select few can though. Different colors are moods. You can read people by their aura too.

  6. If you are serious, you should consult a medical doctor. These types are circumstances could indicate trouble in your brain.

  7. Sounds like blood sugar or blood pressure. Talk to a medic.
    Don’t even begin to think of supernatural explanations until you’ve exhausted all other explanations completely.

  8. no, your blood pressure was wonky, go see a doctor, or stop dieting. That isn’t auras, that is a lack of oxygen to brain cells and fainting. Auras are visible around people, not instead of people

  9. Get your eyes checked, probably some floaters can be found.

  10. you probably were hallucinating, it happens to me alot, i suddenly fall down stairs and in my sleep i see things and in the morning i have dejaview, if your seeing arouras, it might be a sign of ESP, or meaning your phykik, i am only 12 and my parents went to a fortune teller and the teller said i had a very clear mind and seeing things right before they happen, i hoped i helped. and your parents might want to go to a fortune teller ands ask about you.

  11. You could be hallucinating from a serious condition or certain medications that you are taking…
    This could actually be caused by a lot of medical things… You were in PE, you could have been dehydrated. That would be my first thought. You know your suppose to drink a gallon of water every day.
    If your hydrating regularly and continue to see these “auras” it is extremely important you go to the hospital and get checked out… The sooner you take care of this the sooner you could catch a serious problem.

  12. You might also have a visual system disorder or a brain disorder.
    Eye fatigue can also make you “see auras”.
    Do you have migraines?


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