I saw an image while I was scrying…? help?

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first of all, I didn’t even want to scry, I didn’t even know what I was doing was scrying- I just wanted to see my aura color,innocently so. So, first I put my bed mirro infront of me,behind me a while wall and before I began I had to stop 3 times because I was so nervious and uneady for no reason,I just kept looking the white wall on my rightt in the mirror something scared the shit out of me,dunno why. so when i started getting in the trance state I saw a woman-like a evil version of me,she was the same as me,nearly,except she had the scariest eyes. by seeing her I mean my face in the mirror turned into hers. I’m a little scared,I’m afraid I’ve called something without meaning to. after I ended it I felt really scared and agitated for no reason,even this morning, my bed mirror is weird,like it isnt my mirror anymore..Its like someones watching me from it. What was the thing I saw, is it gone and should I remove my mirror?
@ Jesus whats your name.
if you dont have anything to say- be quiet. I am neither gulible nor fucking crazy jeeez.
First, If yall dont have anything normal to sya,sh.ut the f.uck up,all fo you. I neither a twligit obsessed freak nor a crazed occultist so once again shut up if you dont have anything normal to say.
thx 🙂 I’m not looking for people who will tell me what I want to hear- I just hate rude opinions without any basis. I’ve seen ppl post things like this on this section ”religion and spirituality ” and nobody made a fuss with them,ppl replied normally.

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Dr. from Rivo

Have you stopped scrying? I am a doctor. If you need help, email me.

The Least of Jesus' Brothers

Don’t be so gullible…please…please?
If you insist, then I hear drinking random fluids from under the sink can get rid of many supernatural problems.

Splash Log

Yes. Remove the mirror.. Then get back to your Twilight DVD..

りん ここのえ

Have a priest bless it and in the mean time, put it in a closet. If a priest blesses it and you still see that, then yes, it’s time to get rid of the mirror.
This is going to be your most favorable answer, I guess.


Don’t worry. There’s no Occult Science here, neither innocent games. It’s just a common psychological reflection: “a woman-like a evil version of me” is your “wannabe” unconscious. You found what you were looking for: your evil side or maybe your real face/personality (how others look at you). Instead of removing the mirror, meditate on what you are for the rest of the world and analyze if that’s the face that you wish to show others.
Blessed Be!
Lucy B. | Psychic Sorceress


Scrying dates back to Egyptian times. Cleopatra is reputed to have tried this herself. I myself have did this from early age and there is nothing to be frightened off.
The female you saw was the spirit of a previous resident. Her eyes look fierce to you because she is annoyed at way her partner treated her. You are 1st person to see her for ages.
There is no need to destroy the mirrors! Simply don’t do this again if it frightens you.
Anyway, if you need further help send e-mail or leave messege on my profile page.
All spelling, UK English!


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