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I rose from the Dead myself.?

What’s this ‘Jesus rose from the dead’ schtick? Every single human being who ever lived and died has risen from the dead, in the sense that their soul departed the body and returned to the source, ascending through the etheric, astral and spiritual sheaths to be reincarnated if they still hadn’t learnt the real spiritual lessons they needed to learn and decided not to abandon the false ego. Rising from the dead is something that goes on every second of the day all over the world! Isn’t it just like the Pauline Christians to make a big deal of it? Like they also invented Love, did you know that? Yes, it’s theirs. And the world. They created the world, too, or at least they have rights to the story of its making! (actually they should pay royalties to the Sumerians who wrote that little children’s story, too). Why haven’t they started charging for the air we breathe – StPeter’s needs a new spire! I mean – they used to sell tickets out of hell, didn’t they? Well, didn’t they?


  1. that is a matter of belief. christians essentially believe that thats not true. your soul didnt exist. then it did. then you were born. viola’….ya its bullshit lol god bless the buddhists.

  2. The Bible tells us that everyone is “destined to die once and then the judgement”. If anyone remotely takes the bible seriously then they have to dismiss the false idea of reincarnation.

  3. you are a lier, and you dont know any thing, stupid. ONLY JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD.he was %100 God and %100 man.

  4. you sound really angry about “religion”. All I can say is that a belief in Christ cannot be based on people you know. Protestants left the Catholic church because of the incumberances or “tickets out of hell”.
    Jesus lives.

  5. Christians give all the glory to God.
    What about wiccans who think they are their own Gods??? Like the power of God belongs to any man. Absolute power corrups absolutly.

  6. Jesus came back to life. His Spirit came back into His body…and His body became glorified.
    All you are trying to do is argue about something that you know nothing about.

  7. That Would Be A Very Interesting Story That You Could Share On The Jerry Springer Show!!…..Call 1800-Jerry Springer Right Away, Because I Think You Need To Get That Story Out As Soon As Possible!!!

  8. I think you are right. See, the whole “worship Jesus” thing came long after Jesus walked the earth. It is the same as Buddha that is worshipped by some even though he made it clear no one should worship him, same thing with Jesus. Jesus said not to worship him but only god. Then some romans turned it all into a “make cash quick a scheme” from there it all went downward.

  9. O gosh….God is the only one who can do that
    BTW, everyone thinks your a freak(including me) but God doesn’t

  10. Here is my question: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!?? I dont feel like reading the whole thing but you didnt exist until you were concieved! DUH!!! God made you and that is it you were never in another body!

  11. Hey, if you believe in reincarnation, then do so.
    Everyone has the constitution right to be wrong in what they think.


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