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i remember my philosophy teacher told us Buddism(i think, maybe it's Taoism) isn't a religion?

is that true? it’s something like a way of life or something.


  1. Buddhism doesn’t have to be a religion, but in places like Tibet and surrounding countries it is most certainly a religion.

  2. Wellllll….technically he is right, it is a philosophy….because it is non-theist….it does not believe in a Supreme Being, or some Supernatural Entity.
    But in fact, Buddhism still contains many of the characteristics of a system of spiritual practice and belief, yes.
    You might say it’s a very un-ordinary form of religion.

  3. Your teacher is wrong.
    A religion can be – and often is – a way of life.
    Religion does not require the belief in a deity. On no level to Buddhims and Taoism not qualify as a religion.

  4. Taoism is based heavily in philosophy as well as spirituality, and Buddhism is primarily based on self-evident truths. Very different from the Judeo-Christian idea of religion.
    However, both have supernatural aspects (reincarnation, spirits, etc), and therefore are religions.

  5. technically and officially it is …
    but it is a philosophy that is applied to life
    however it is non theistic … has no Gods ( although some sects do believe in deities )
    so it doesnt fit with the typical religions

  6. There are religious forms of Buddhism (e.g. Shintoism) but the main line of Buddhism is a philosophical system with religious beliefs.

  7. That wouldn’t be true for either Buddhism or Taoism. Although both are deeply based on their respective philosophies, both also have a religious aspect.

  8. Lord Buddha gave in a set of sermons that tells and teaches us how to live a right life. So, it is always considered to be a way of life. Yet, no harm in branding it as a religion called Buddhism. Basically, religion needs scriptures. Buddha’s sermons and sayings form the scriptures of Buddhism.

  9. Yes it is. Now a day anything people follow is a religion. But, the big difference between those religions and Christianity is, Christianity is based on a relationship with Christ. There are commandment and laws, church stuff, but it comes down to one thing, Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

  10. Buddhism is definitely a religion. Some people claim that it is an atheistic religion and that buddhists are technically atheists, however I would say that this is a rather twisted and not very useful definition of the term ‘atheist’. In any case this may be what’s confusing you (or your teacher, for that matter).


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