I reflect the collective consciousness. What do you say to that?

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Whatever you say or think or do reverberates in all of us and I absorb the essence. I ask you, can you sense it?

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kimmy p

No, I can’t but I do however smell it and it smells like um… Purple haze! Back away from the bong.


The energy from your words, thoughts and deeds pulsates around us. Only when I choose to invite these vibrations into my life will I absorb their essence.


Are you some kind of monk or hippie or something? 🙂 And no I don’t think I do. And also, why is this question in the makeup section? Should’nt it be in the religion section?

Jonathan T

Ya, right, whatever you say…


I can totally dig it!


yes and your point is well taken!!!! You are part of the whole and that is all the part of the ONE. Great question!!!!


i dunno
but i like the theory


I recalled Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”. Trust your instincts. Don’t think – blink.
Like you?


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