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I recently had an aura reading, and was told that there is a negative force following me from a previous life.?

I am wondering if this person who said this is a fake? She’s been pretty accurate about other things in my life, but I am a bit of a skeptic (especially after researching and finding “scam” psychics that talk about negative forces and charge a large amount for supplies to get rid of it).

I admit that since seeing her, things have felt slightly less hectic – but she also encourages meditation / prayer, so maybe that is helping.


  • Check out this video debunking aura’s:

    I went through a stage when I was ill, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong, so I started visiting alternative therapy practitioners, like the ones you mention. They made me feel better because they listened and said they could help. This is what is making you feel better.

    Prayer has been scientifically disproved, but meditation has been proven to work wonderfully for stress (as long as you do it in moderation like anything else).

    I’d recommend that you learn to relax by doing things like:
    1) Meditation
    2) Hot bath
    3) Having a massage
    4) Exercise
    5) Having some healthy food
    6) A little chocolate
    7) Therapy
    8) Go out with friends
    9) Talk to someone (friend or family)
    10) Watch a comedy.

    These things actually work unlike some of the new age fads out there. The new age fads prey on vulnerable people and in the process they earn lots of cash!

  • Don’t buy into that $hit.

    At times we all have negative forces, we recognize it is happening and push them away with positive thoughts, prayers and actions.

  • Meditation and reflection is always a help, about the only useful thing you were told. But how much did you have to pay to find out that there is a magic entity following you. And from a previous life no less. *rolls eyes* 😉

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

  • And I’d be willing to bet that this person also told you that for $300 she/he could get rid of that bad aura.

  • yes she is a fake

    there are no past lives

    she is hoping you will come back so that you spend lots of money so she can stretch this thing out to get you to come many times.

  • I am a believer in such spiritual mumbo jumbo, so I think that you might consider it to be true.

    What difference does it make?

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