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I received a crystal, from a friend, how should I cleanse the negative energy out of it?

I heard to soak it in sea salt for a two days, is that true?
what do I do next?


  1. First how do you know there is negative energy in the crystal and how do you know that that is not what you need in an off hand way perhaps. A crystal given as a gift has special qualties and should be handled with care. I suggest you cleanse with native american rituals or with tobacco( pure not cigarettes) as that will negate the negativity and keep the positve caused by it being a gift.

  2. If you recieved a crystal from a friend then chances are it has no need to be cleansed. The power of the Idea of cleansing should be enough. If you still feel the need to cleanse it then any method you choose will work.

  3. Swallow it Chrissy..When it finally passes, you and your stone will have cleansed simultaneously..May the force be in you.Takes about 2-3 days depending on your diet.

  4. Sea salt is a good option, let it set for 2 – 3 days in the sunlight if it is a active enrgy stone, or under the moon if it is a receptive stone. You can also project a ball of gold energy into it from your hands, fill the stone with your love energy, and see the gold energy fill the stone with your love energy. Combine this method with the sea salt

  5. Today is a great night to magnetize your crystals… It’s full moon. It doesn’t matter if the crystal is a gift from a friend. You should make it yours and empower it with your own positive energy. Make your invocations outdoors. The crystal should be rinsed with clean water and put it under the full moon’s light for few minutes… It’s a basic crystal cleansing to make it a charm or amulet. Happy new year 🙂 Blessed be! Kind Regards from Lucy B/Psychic Advisor

  6. There may or may not be negative energy in it, but I would still cleanse it to be safe, and soaking it in sea salt and water is good. Also, leaving it out in the full moon while it’s soaking is even better. That will also give it some positive energy from the moon.
    To give additional positive energy, if that is your wish, keep it with you often. This will also tune it to your energy a little better as well.
    You may want to do this if you are using for something like clairvoyance. Light a candle and look at the flame through the crystal and if there is something to see, you will see it.(you don’t have to have any special gift to see something, if you are meant to see it)


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