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I read today that consciousness may be at least partly a quantum level phenomenon. Your thoughts?

Quantum consciousness….
I’m paraphrasing but when a person dies, the cells dies and the atoms disperse into the ground but the quantum entanglement that existed in your active brain still exists. Might this play a part in consciousness? Might that entanglement BE partly or completely conscious or at least have the potential to be reconstructed in a brain? Far out stuff but it would have to follow the laws of physics.
This is an idea of Roger Penrose:


  1. I believe so and have read many convincing arguements for it
    and this actually poses some very serious questions about my own beliefs

  2. The structures in the brain capable of quantum interaction are nothing more than the equivalents of quantum wells in a semi-conductor. They are, in essence, stochaistic.
    Without those structures, the quantum effects would not happen, so, no, without the brain being alive, there would be no persistence of these quantum states.
    It’s further questionable if anything actually ends up entangled in the brain.

  3. maybe there’s another level of reality beyond the material world that doesn’t follow the laws of material physics and scientists should concentrate on practical things

  4. What’s really interesting about it is that it is looking more and more all the time that entanglement is in no way time-dependent.
    It’s a block universe. We just need to wait until all of the people who’ve got too much pride invested in an arrow of time model to either relent or die.
    Personally, I’m of the mind that it is reconstructed in a brain: your own at the moment of your birth. There is no death. The tunnel of light’s got an obstetrician at the end of it.

  5. I agree, regarding consciousness during life. Many neurons actually adjust their sensitivity to keep their sensitivities at a level where quantum variations are most significant. After death, they can no longer fire. There is no matrix in which the quantum states can manifest.


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