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I read somewhere that its dangerous to use your astral vehicle if you are not spiritually advanced or trained?

Why is it dangerous???The silver cord can be cut???


  1. I refer to it as a thick umbilical cord that floats in the astral plane. It connects your astral body to your sleeping body.
    The cord doesn’t get cut or torn. What can happen is that the adventure is so intoxicating that one gets lost in it and cannot return to the sleeping body (or perhaps the meditating state).
    The cord just grows and grows to accommodate the travels.
    You probably think I’m nuts – lol.

  2. Peculiar you would place this in the Philosophy section. However, some of the greatest philosophers knew well of this practice and more.
    First off — No, the silver cord ‘cannot’ be cut, nor does it have limit to its distance within the Astral Division of planes and heavens — and there are many planes, many! And divisions above the Astral’
    Only when the physical body ceases by death or some especial purpose does the silver cord come to dissoution. None outside the individual itself has any bearing on the silver cord. Not even the most foolhardy entity would dare trifle with the powerful silver cord of an individual.
    Its twin aspect in the physical plane is that of the umbilical cord. The astral and physical body are extremely close in purpose and make-up. The astral’, however, has a sound like that of a humming pitch and is a sparkly, starry looking thing [astral means star] and is an exact replica of the physical compliment of the individual.
    There exists many protective mechanisms to both bodies. Life would not be so vicious as to send us here into these realms without plenty of armor; otherwise, the whole purpose of why we are here is defeated. Life would not learn from us and we would not learn from It. And learn from us It does!
    As to the astral vehicle itself, dangerous or not, this depends-on in the same way it is dangerous to use the physical body. There are in each case peculiar or, say, dedicated natures and sets of laws, and capacities and limits…
    For example, when you wish to, say, go to a place never visited before, you will want to have certain guides, those who know the areas and nature of that given place and have maps and directions — to know the good areas, the bad areas just as if you were to visit a city or wilderness. This is true of life in the city here; so is it true with certain excursions in these other planes. Are there dangerous areas and entitites? Yes, just as there are here anywhere on Earth.
    There ‘are’ guides and masters and angels, which watch and assist those who wish to undergo astral movements till such time as that individual grows proficient in the do’s and don’ts. One ‘can’ consciously train to do this but certainly is it best learned by those who know, what you might wish to call Astral Masters, though they are known by many names.
    Even then, just like here, one has to use his or her head and in any case these guides are always at the ready and come rushing to help unless you simply refuse their assistance, which case by high law they are not allowed to interfere. Only Spirit itself can step in otherwise to resolve of the breach in this case. Or if one is simply stubborn and obstinate, he or she may be in for a real rough go to teach that one of certain lessons. ‘Just like here on Earth.
    It is simply the Laws of that world, for there is ultimately order.
    Even chaos is a chartered order.
    Another point to make here is, one travels outside the body nightly or when falling into any deep sleep; this normally and as a part of good overall health, in which the bodies are automatically protected anyway so long as one keeps a fair measure of overall mental, emotional, and physical health, which is not a very extreme requisite at all.
    The inner bodies ‘must’ move out of the physical one in order to sustain of good health and alignment, just as the physical body requires eating and drinking water and breathing. You are slipping out of the body all the time on falling to sleep but don’t realize it — so normal, so non-invasive is it, oftentimes you believing it to be a dream, when in actuality you are outside the body, in either real time or future time — hence that one type of phenomenon deja vu, which is but you having experienced an event of the future; and at some point in the present in the physical body, you arrive at the event in real time. The time track will have caught up, is all, for whatever reason that may be.
    Astral movement in large part is but a default mechanism, like that found in a computer software, once your body falls into a repose of sorts, which one purpose is to ‘re-charge’ you and facilitate myriad healings or to afford you certain experiences in order to keep you well in balance.
    We are ever being watched and taken care of…

  3. Hi Rena, love the glasses! Marg is right for the most part. I watched a movie once about this very thing, not sure how true it is but in the movie this woman astral projected herself while she was in a mental hospital, she was trying to get someone to help her but she was locked up so she did this and as her astral self was out and about the doctors had moved her sleeping body to another part of the hospital, so when she tried to return she got lost and only had minutes to find herself or she would die, so I imagine if this is possible you can only leave for a certain amount of time and your sleeping body needs to where you left it, but I am sure there is more to it, it sounds dangerous to me, anything can happen.

  4. Changed in your Avatar? Neat!
    I’ve read some comments contain “errors”, “mistakes”, or “misunderstandings” lead to more wrong understandings! The Silver Cord is infinite in length, only get severed some times after death,- once, I said it = “we can easily see it at night in cemeteries.” =” We can also see it daytime, if we know the way!” Then the body returns to earth, and the spirit, the soul that was attached by the Silver Cord ( silver’s shining not ), to the physical body, reaches to the creator till the last Judgment day in Christianity. No one and nothing can cut it nor dissolve it. It’s very dangerous to travel with the astral body, if we’re not experienced and have no idea of what we’re doing. Because, in the spirit world, there are very low and evil spirits always trying to damage our spirit in subtle ways, we can get physically sick, devastated…once they’ve tub us on the Silver Cord. It’s also spiritually damaging.
    This is not something I heard, or believe, I know this for traveling myself.
    We can’t loose our body; our spirit-soul is attache to it ,and “No one Can Ever Cut It”, we’re always attached to our Silver Cord, always. In dream, we often travel and in the morning, we can be joyous or sort of ‘not together’; it has to do with what we encountered!


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