I popped a pimple and then put a sea salt crystal on it to heal but I think it put a hole in my face?

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Now it looks even worse like the sea salt crystal put a hole in my face is this normal I thought sea salt helps wounds, now there is a hole where I put the salt crystal and around the small red hole where the pimple was are small raised bumps what is going on?

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consult a skin therapist.
it’s probably normal if you pop pimples.

Nurse Kate (RN/BSN)

Rinse the area with water and put a band aid on it if you can. Salt water helps wounds, but I don’t think you should fill open sores or pimples with salt crystals.


put aloe vera gel from the plant on everynight(they sell it at publix). it will go away 🙂
& try not to touch it.
good luck!


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