Home Discussion Forum I noticed there are a few intuitives on here tonight?

I noticed there are a few intuitives on here tonight?

Can you help me? I already know how to speak to the angels with my clairaudience.
How else do people receive messages?
I would think it’s very difficult to interpret a message if I were given visual signs.
How does claircognize feel like? Are there other methods of receiving messages?
Marche: please stop being disrespectful. This has nothing to do with Aliens.


  1. Owls? Never heard of that but I get mine through Cocolate Digestive Biscuits. Any brand.. but has to be Chocolate Digestive Biscuits.

  2. hey i totally respect ur question and everything and i googled a lotta the stuff you have been on about..
    but wth is clairaudience/claircognize?

  3. Clairsentient is another way to receive messages. Clarsentients receive a lot of guidance through their intuition, gut feelings, hunches and heart and love emotions, as well. If a thought of doing something swells your chest with warm feelings of joy, this is a directive for you to follow. We also receive messages through smell, touch, taste.
    I have felt a warmth, like sweet arms wrapped around me comforting me, letting me know that a situation would resolve itself and I’d be ok.

  4. .
    How else do people receive messages from each other or from Angels?
    . . . . . . .Some ways are messages that are perceived or referred to as intuition, “gut feeling”, intuition, knowingness.
    Some other ways are . . .
    ….At times a person, known or stranger, is placed on path and what that person does or says is the “message” from Spirit.
    …Event going on in life then at “just the right moment” a certain song, bumper sticker, movie, etc, is especially noticed that “speaks” to exactly what was / is going on in persons life….The “message” delivered.
    …You’re thinking, desiring, wondering, praying about something and the answer “just happens” to appear on your path (i.e. mail, found on ground, contact from a person).
    As far as “what does claircognizance FEEL like? Challenging to describe an experience that has no physical or literal feeling. Like describing the “feeling” of intuition, a Knowing
    The “feeling” is “emotional”. Closest human realm comparison I can think of is that it “feels” like that moment when you suddenly realize or understand something. Those “a-ha” moments. Sort of like a soft “chill” through your mind or body. A sort of barely there “pressure” “felt” to the body, the soul. There’s simply an undeniable Knowingness.
    That feeling being sought or not…it’s there just the same.


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