Home Discussion Forum I never dream/or do tarot or anything spirtual why?

I never dream/or do tarot or anything spirtual why?

My previous question was this,
Why do i want children? Whats wrong with me?(dreams/reality)?
I don’t dream at all anymore and i want to i still want children but the desire is alot less and i feel like part of me died. I also use to do tarot and was fairly accurate at interpreting the meanings but now i feel lost, i can read palms a bit still but now i feel like i don’t connect with anything anymore and just feel numb inside.


  1. Get back in touch with the Lord. Because at the rate you’re going now, he would consider you a soothesayer and it’s in the same category as a witch. Chose your side. Good or Bad…

  2. Are you on sleep meds? They can cause you not to dream. However, there are times that you’re dreaming and are not aware of it.
    As far as wanting children, you make rather general mention of this, but I know that women of certain ages have horrific urges to have babies. It’s hormonal.
    …and Tarot…really? I might rethink the kid thing until you stop playing childish games.

  3. We were created with three components; mental, physical, and spiritual. If these are not satisfied in some way, we feel like something is missing from our lives. So the feeling of disconnection is there because you’re missing one of these components. Same reason so many atheists are questioning or answering here in the Spiritual section of Yahoo Answers! We all have a need for a spiritual aspect in our lives. Your desire for children is a physical and spiritual desire. This is all perfectly natural.

  4. If you claim not to do anything spiritual, anymore, the only logical conclusion is that your spirit has died. You need to revive the spirit in you that has been lost, metaphysically, by doing whatever it is that you like to do. It seems that your passions in life have shifted. Find a new passion, more so where your passion(s) has relocated to. Throw yourself into a lot of different things and you will find what you like to do.
    Everything is interesting if you know enough about it. What ever you are drawn to in life, follow it and pursuit it with your passion lost.

  5. We all dream every night but we don’t always remember our dreams.It seems what is happening to you is that you are experiencing depression. Losing interest in everything is one of the major signs.
    If you aren’t able to snap out of it by yourself, you should seek some professional help. I recommend spiritual counseling because it works with mind, body and soul. It is not enough to work with the physical mind only.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting children. That is completely natural and almost everyone wants the same. I don’t know your situation so I can’t really advise much more on that.
    Also, if you can, try to meditate and ask for guidance with your current problems. That might be a good way to begin to raise your mood.
    Best wishes,


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