I need to work on my "Third Eye Chakra"? How ?







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  3. First off, you have to ground yourself. Work on your Root chakra if you have not already, whether or not you feel the need. I’d strongly suggest you work on the chakras in order, to be best prepared, as well.
    As for your Third Eye, or Brow chakra, there are a few things you can do…
    I’d recommend yoga, for one, as it aligns all the chakras. Also, make time for meditation in your daily routine.
    Try the following visualization for the 3rd eye chakra specifically: … envision pure, white light coming up from the ground into you, up your spine into your brow. Picture this light turning indigo, the color of the chakra, and forming a wheel that turns clockwise.
    There’s another meditation you can do, I provided a link, but I strongly prefer the one I described. Whatever you like 🙂
    I have heard eating food of the color that represent the chakra may be beneficial, though I’m not sure.
    Good luck! And, please check out the chart below, it’s very informative about the chakras

  4. Before you can successfully activate and use your 3rd eye chakra, you have to practice with your other chakras. Start with meditations aimed at developing your control over your chakras, and bringing your spiritual body into alignment.
    What you are requesting to do will not happen over night, and it will not happen without discipline, consistency and hard work. Just for starters you should plan on meditating for at least an hour every day. You should also start keeping journals. One for your dreams, plan on spending half an hour every morning, first thing when you wake up documenting as much of your dreams as you remember. This time investment will continue to grow. The more you write down your dreams the more you will remember, the more time you will need to document. You should also have a day to day journal, to be written in throughout and at the end of your day, documenting the basics of your life, as well as any “coincidences” that arise, any current psychic exercises you are engaged in and any correlation from your dreams to your real life. Anything else you deem important, relative or not, should also be written down.
    So why all the work?
    Meditation – to bring your spiritual body into alignment, to exercise control over your chakras and learn how to use and unblock your chakras. Also to train your mind to be quiet so that you can use it properly, you must learn to control how your brain works rather than letting it control you. To develop new neural pathways in your brain to be used in psychic endeavors. To increase you ability to discipline yourself and to put your physical needs aside.
    Documentation of dreams: the easiest and usually the first way our 3rd eye opens is while we are dreaming. Documenting these dreams will give you validation when the scene you dreamed occurrs in reality. Also, it helps to exercise your control over your dream memories and helps in aiding you to remember more of what is occurring in your dream life.
    Documenting everything else: again it will help you with correlation. It will help you to recognize true precognitive experiences from wishful hopes of a psychic event.
    For the following meditation I reccommend laying flat on your back keeping your spine straight and your head in alignment (no pillow). You can do this sitting up with your legs crossed, but it is imperative you maintain perfect posture, and especially when you are first starting your meditations may take an hour or more, a long time to maintain perfect posture in a position you are not used to. Best to lie down.
    A basic meditation to start with should include first protecting yourself within a filled bubble of white protective energy. If you do not yet know how to do this, then you should limit your meditation to this goal until you are confident you have achieved it. It is not safe to continue until you can ensure your own protection. If you are going to open yourself up to these kinds of experiences it is essential you know how to keep your own energy protected.
    Once you have mastered your protective field, you can begin to open up your chakras. Stick to the main chakras to start with. Hands, feet and whatnot can wait until later when you are more practiced. Begin with your sacral chakra and imagine it a portal through with clean energy is flowing freely. It helps sometimes to imagine the chakra getting very hot (this is the building of energy) and focusing specifically on that point in your body until you can feel it warming and the energy flowing through unonstructed. Once you have activated your sacral chakra you can continue on to the next chakra up and continue the process, always maintaining the energy flow of the previous chakras you have opened. If you feel one closing off on you, go back to the ill behaved chakra and reopen it, then move to the next one up even if it is one you have already opened, and move back up through the chakras. Try not to interrupt the process, once begun you should move through all of the spinal chakras finishing with opening the 3rd eye. Once all chakras are opened allow the energy to pass through you for as long as you desire. When you are finished, slowly bring your consciousness back up to normal levels, trying to keep your chakras flowing as they did while open in meditation. This is actually their natural state and one of your goals is to learn how to maintain this without having to go into a meditative trance.
    Do not be alarmed, if you discover activating your sacral chakra increases your sexual desire, this is quite normal.
    Do not be alarmed if you find you go through some emotional disturbances when you activate your solar plexus, heart, or throat, most of our emotional blockages tend to form in one or more of these areas. For example, if you have a hard time speaking out when you should, your throat chakra will probable be quite blocked and may take more attention than the rest.
    This is as far as I am willing to go here. If you need help learning about meditation or chakras I recommend hitting the new age section at your local bookstore. There are many helpful books out there. I would recommend one, but I find it is best to find the one that calls to the individual. Trust your gut and purchase a few that interest you. Unfortunately my favorite book for this kind of stuff was privately published and completely unavailable. It is very likely I have one of only a few copies available, so there is really no point in passing on the title.
    Last, a warning. What you want to learn carries with it great reponsibility if you are successful. It also makes you a target. The more spiritually in tune you are, the more others will discover they can communicate with you, the more risk you are in for attracting negative harmful energies, some of which do have consciousness and can harm you. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning how to create a protective shield that you are capable of drawing upon a moments notice. If you have success, you will likely learn you need to protect yourself 100% of the time. Once you open yourself up to psychic impressions you will have to learn how to control them or they will control you. This is a life sentence. If you are not certain you have a calling to this, and this is just a whim you should back off before you open yourself up to things which will affect your life in ways you cannot contemplate yet. In fact, the only reason I would reccommend someone to pursue this path is if they are currently at the mercy of their own psychic abilities and are seeking a way to control them. Many psychics feel trapped by their abilities and would not willingly have inspired their gift.
    I do believe that all people have psychic abilities and like anything else sensory, these abilities can be accented with training and discipline. This is not a game though, and if you are approaching it as such you will have problems.
    This is not the end, this is only the begining. If you go this far you will learn quickly how little you know, and how much there is to learn. There are higher mysteries which you will have to learn on your own. Until you understand the mysteries I am refering to, you will be at the mercy of your psychic impressions. I know you have much to learn and that your curiosity is growing. This will be a difficult path, and you will have to learn how to control those difficulties as you go. As you open yourself up to psychic energy, if you have talent, you will feel the pain of the world, and that is overwhelming to say the least. You must learn to protect yourself from this because if you do not you will experience severe depression and it will be difficult for you to reside within large cities, or spend time with large groups of people. Even with experience in shielding yourself from unwanted perceptions, having to constantly shield yourself will be exhausting at times. When you are weakened by illness, or your own emotional well being, you will find that without control you will be at the mercy of whatever you are receiving. This sort of control can only be learned over time. Most people with psychic abilities become aware of them at a very young age, and so learn how to protect themselves at least marginally or they suffer terribly for it.

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