Home Discussion Forum I need to make a poster depicting the term stream of consciousness?

I need to make a poster depicting the term stream of consciousness?

the picture needs to depict the meaning of this term. how am i supposed to make this abstract term into a picture that will show everyone else the meaning.
The term means “A narrative technique developed toward the end of the 19th century, employed to evoke the psychic life of a character and depict subjective as well as objective reality…As a literary term, “stream of consciousness” generally refers to the presentation of a character’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc., on an approximated preverbal level and with little or no direct comment or explanation by the author…In general, the term “stream of consciousness” is used as the description of mental life at the borderline of conscious thought and is characterized by the devices of association, reiteration of word- or symbol-motifs, apparent incoherence, and the reduction or elimination of normal syntax and punctuation to simulate the free flow of the character’s mental processes


  1. Draw a head, and then have thoughts spiralling around inside it, but have the thoughts continuous. Or maybe practice writing a story in the stream of consiousness.

  2. Maybe you could do an illustration of a person’s face, eyes closed, and a stream coming out from their forehead that is filled with images relating to connecting thoughts? Sounds a little complicated maybe, but I am picturing it in my head and it looks like it would work… 🙂

  3. Using your definition above create the picture as you see it in your mind. Me, being the creative one at heart, I’d draw someone’s head with a bubble and inside the bubble there consciousness and a stream of words like: thoughts, feelings, reactions, flowing through it (like in a river). If that makes any sense.
    Good luck!


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