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I need to know what the name of a Mexican shaman is called, it is something like Culenderra?

I can’t find this by searching google with my poor spelling of the word but I know that they exist. PLEASE help me if you can.
Thanks Dixy woman!!!!


  1. A curandero (or curandera for a female) is a traditional folk healer or shaman in Hispanic-America, prevalent in Latin America, which is dedicated to curing physical and/or spiritual illnesses. They are often respected members of the community, being highly religious and spiritual. Literally translated as “healer” from Spanish, curanderos often use herbs and other natural remedies to cure illnesses, but their primary method of healing is the supernatural. This is because they believe that the cause of many illnesses are lost malevolent spirits, a lesson from God, or a curse.
    There are different types of curanderos / curanderas. “Yerberos” are primarily herbalists. “Hueseros and Sabaderos” are bone/muscle therapists who emphasize physical ailments. “Parteras” are midwives. Curanderos treat ailments like espanto (Spanish for “shock”), empacho (Spanish for “surfeit”), susto (“fright”), mal aire (literally, “bad air”), and mal de ojo (“evil eye”) with religious rituals, ceremonial cleansing, and prayers. While curanderos are capable of treating these ailments (and do), in reality they seldom do, for many ailments, such as empacho, can be treated by family members. Often Curanderos employ the use of sung Icaros to contact certain spirits to aid them in their healing work.
    Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curandero


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