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I need to know how to attract a succubus?

I know, I have asked this before. I will keep asking until someone gives me an answer that will get a succubus to visit me. I have tried the succubus summons ritual with no success. I am completely obsessed with this idea. I honestly believe that succubi exist and have an overwhelming desire to have a daily relationship with one. Not having this desire fulfilled is driving me insane. If you know of anything I can do in addition to the summons ritual, please let me know.


  1. Ummmm.
    Well theres a South Park episode about Succubus in Season 3. I know they normally make fun of it. But they explain it to (I think). So check that out, But don’t let it drive you insane. Just keep trying 🙂
    Good Luck!

  2. Learn to have an OOBE/Astral Projection/Etheric Projection.
    Succubi are infact beings from the astral plane that feed on your energy body, they cannot be seen or felt in the physical and it’s only when you leave your body that you can see them, feel them and interact with them.
    You can learn all you need to know about projecting here:

  3. Find a real girl. You can’t take a succubus to the movies or to dinner. It won’t run you a hot bath after a bad day or cuddle up on a Friday night in. It won’t make you feel strong emotions like happiness and sadness. It can’t tell jokes to save it’s life(!?) and won’t buy clothes that sometimes embarrass you. Most of all it won’t care about you.
    If all of these things appeal to you, it isn’t a succubus you need to attract…it’s an inflatable doll!
    Asking girls out is a hard fact of life sometimes. I assure you that it’s never been accomplished with a summons ritual. Sincerity, luck and a smile are the best ‘magick’.

  4. Donald,
    I will try and put this as gently as possible. You obviously do not know what you are asking for, or perhaps what you are already experiencing. The ancient and medieval depictions of succubi are not what succubi are. As was stated in other answers, succubi (whatever their true nature) are malevolent entities that feed off of other beings. They serve no “good” purpose.
    If I had to guess I would say that your obsession is driven by imbalances that may already be affected by bad forces or energies. The very fact that you are saying you are being “driven crazy” proves that you are being affected.
    The fact is you will never acheive your desire, because it does not exist. You are desiring, I believe, a sexual paranormal experience because of the popular idea of succubi. That’s not the way it works.
    If you desire to feel worse, continue in your current patterns of thoughts and desires. That is the only thing a succubi will do. Having our “energy” drained from succubi and psychic vampires and the like debilitates us in a number of ways. It often takes the form of physical symptoms or sickness, though psychic and mental stress, instability, psychoses and insanity are also possibilities. You are playing with fire and you need to quit.
    Summoning rituals are also not somehting to play with. They are not a toy to be taken home and tinkered with–most of the time the unwitting dabblers can’t make them work because they have no idea to work them. Rituals are not like recipe you can follow to get the perfect brownie every time. They require training and understanding. That being said, such unschooled activity arouses malevolent spirits and entities who would wish to take advantage of unaware or weak souls.
    The way to the type of experience you are seeking is to drop all of this nonsense, master yourself, and move toward a healthy expression of your sexual desires.
    I hope I have not offended, but you need to hear these things.
    I wish you well.

  5. Go to a night club of friday night wearing a lot of bling. Flash wads of cash. They will come out of the woodwork.

  6. Well Donald you don’t give up easily. There is no such thing. A succubus is nothing but mythology. My best advice is to find a girl that is really dark and into goth. This is the only way that you will satisfy your fetish. Don’t wait any longer or you will miss out on the real girls.

  7. If succubi exist and wanted you as you say they do, they’d find you.
    So one of two options exist.
    1. The succubi do NOT want anything to do with you and are avoiding your summoning spells
    2.They don’t exist and you are runing any chance you’ll ever have of having a relationship with any women in her right mind that reads this.

  8. you are asking for trouble messing with that stuff.
    you try to get something you think you want and need and something far worse will move right into youre house.
    ya better stop that stuff because its not for you… or really anyone. a farmer in this world reaps the crop by the seeds he sows. wake up asleep one.

  9. Maybe the reason you cant attract one is because you want to attract one. If something is going to victimize something they might not get much satisfaction from a welcoming victim.

  10. Gee bro, I don’t see why you would want a relationship with something that’s basically just a booty call that may or may not want to kill you, when there are plenty of REAL, caring etc girls out there.
    You should get out a little.

  11. I wish I could help. I am on the same journey as you. If you get a succubus to visit, will you tell her to send one of her friends to me and I’ll do the same for you.

  12. You are not alone man, I too am obsessed with wanting a succubus,
    Ever since 3 weeks ago when i found a simple summoning ritual I tried it but nothing happened for me….but ever since the first time i performed that ritual Ive been experiencing weird feelings like something or someone lightly touching me on my lower regions and feeling of weight being pressed down on my upper legs,
    i don’t know if that is a succubus trying to make contact with me but what i do know that these feelings are not muscle spasms and something that i have never felt before now I try the ritual every night but still nothing, its like i am soo wanting succubus to come to me I dont get scared of what she may look like i just want her to come and give me pleasure.
    here is the link to the ritual that Ive been doing
    I hope that it helps you maybe you can get it to work as I am trying also.
    But please if you or anybody knows how I can get this ritual to work properly or another easy ritaul like it to realy actualy work please e-mail me and/or add me on windows live messenger –> mrvorelover1981@hotmail.com

  13. If you are interested in getting a relationship with a succubi, you better ask Satan for one. Now before you think of something like ” Oh, this is insane” or like that. I will have to tell you this. There are human friendly Succubi and Incubi and there are ones not so friendly. I have learned this through my studies about Demons. You see, if you believe that Satan will steal your soul or something that than you have been lied to. I am a Spiritual Satanist, so I know what I am talking about. And I am not crazy, insane, etc. I had stumbled upon Spiritual Satanism and it acually has more common sence than Christianity. No offence but this is what I believe about Christianity. I am a former Baptist. Spiritual Satanism is beautiful. It is NOT about evil. If you are against Satanism, than do not to listen to me. BUT you will be able to get with a succubi and also see and talk to her. http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Incubus.html or go to joyofsatan.org for more

  14. I have a succubus attached to me because of my own stupidity i tryed to leard how to lucid dream and one followed me back the first time it happend i thought wow, that was awesome, but it drains you it comes when you are trying to sleep and its invisible you can feel the shape of them but can only see them in a lucid dream and they never look the same they can change shapes fat slim, ive been scratched had food tables knocked over, its not anything you want trust me. the reason i found this page is cause now she is bringing friends as many as 5 and yea that sound like a good time, but in a lucid dream i can follow them ask questions and the stuff they tell me i dont like i was in a city looked real not like a dream place how there is always something off but there was all of this aweful stuff i saw rooms in a building filled with 1-2 year old kids vomiting excriment with maggots and older kids moving it in to the corner and there was so much bad stuff i was trying to talk to some of the people there its hard to talk in astral form its very slow, so getting words out takes some pratice, older people look normal unless you see them in a mirror, i dont know if thats just me but they look dead, almost like a zombie but looking at them they look like a normal 18 year old girl, in astral state you can walk and fly but its not like superman you can get stuck in stuff and walk through walls when i first leave my body i can actually look down at myself sleeping, anyways im off topic while in this city i was talking to this girl she said it was a place for bad people like hell i dont think it was hell itself but maybe purgatory as i was asking questions about why she kept coming to see me and if she was trying to harm me, i held a crusifix to her face (the one i really wear on my neck because you go as you are when you fall asleep) nothing happend, ive tried the lords prayer which if you know how hard it is to talk on the astral plane you can understand its a task, and that doesnt work, so i dont know how to get rid of them but while i was walking aroind down there something scared everything down there i caught a glimse of what they were running from it was huge like 25 feet tall i grabbed the succubus as she was about to run away and asked what it was i couldnt hear what she said it looks like her lips said something like itchnot then she look at me and screamed wake up. i havent lucent dreamed since that was super scary, I know there is a god i know there is life after death and i know ghost and other things science cant explain doesnt ackknowledge do exist, the last words i have for you is DONT OPEN THE FLOOD GATES its not something you want in your life, they attack your girlfriends which makes having a real love life hard, and they come from a place of evil they suck life energy out of you, all of this sounds crazy i know but i swear its all true, i had gone to sunday school when i was little and all that but i really didnt belived in god till all this started, i have both a benidectine medal that i wear to protect against possesion and a beniditine cross, its a normal crusifix with the medal on the cross for double the protection it was blessed by the pope in april 2006, i never take it off, even on the other side. Jim
    teamgt19@gmail.com email me if you have similar storys or a way to get rid of this thing

  15. LIsten man you ive had 1 for about 6 years and i cant get rid of it it wont leave me alone.At first it feels great but after a while you no its evil.I never wanted one but i wish i could get rid of it. im a christian man ive tried prayers holy oil,im actually about to get babtized again ,you need to find jesus not a succubi.Also when you try to fight it off it wiil attack you and if your not strong you might not be able to fiight it back.

  16. Dud I would do what Greg ShadowWolf said I did it in like five minets later I suddnly got an errection and my d*ck’s tempeture sky rocketed I had never imagined it would be like that and if anyone thinks summoning a succubus is a joke its NOT belive me,I know,I experienced it

  17. I think I am a succubus, or being used by one to get to men. It’s so hard to explain, but it has gotten to the point where I know something is strange about me and my relations with men…so I googled, and landed on this site. I wish I could get answers.

  18. hey my name is sage and i was wondering since about two years ago what this was. i’m only fifteen now and about seven to nine months ago some really weird shit has happened to me, my girlsfriend keeps getting all this bad shit to happen to her and sometimes i wake up with bruises on my back neck and arms … i am not sure if i should break with my gf or get this thing to like me more. i’m not stupid so i’m pretty sure what is happening but these dreams i have are terrible, what should i do?

  19. I read your question and feel a need to say that it sounds more like you’re being compelled to seek out a succubus. I know as I’ve been compelled to do the same as you are intending to do.
    Only I will not if I feel it’s not of my own free will. Anyway I’ve come across a method called the letter method. I don’t know if it’ll work but you could try it I think the name of the site was succubuslove I’m not sure but you could always google it to find out

  20. I read your question and feel a need to say that it sounds more like you’re being compelled to seek out a succubus. I know as I’ve been compelled to do the same as you are intending to do.
    Only I will not if I feel it’s not of my own free will. Anyway I’ve come across a method called the letter method. I don’t know if it’ll work but you could try it I think the name of the site was succubuslove I’m not sure but you could always google it to find out.
    Oh and do not I repeat do not ask satan for one you’ll get something other than what you want!!! The one you need to ask is Lilith their mother! I will not go into detail but I will say this Because they are living beings and have feelings as such be sure that you above all show the proper RESPECT to their mother and her daughters. Respecting them is of the utmost importance and will help ensure you live to tell about your encounter
    Also set ground rules of what you are willing to give make sure you are clear and remember always show respect

  21. If somebody knows please do answer but if you do not know do not reply or what so ever… Is a possesion by an incubi possible? If so how to prove it.
    I do kinda feel im going insane here and I’m starting to question my sanity. It feels like there is a greater evil inside of me corrupting my soul ( if we even have one ). I doubt that it’s from a demonic or any other cause. It’s like I am evil myself but I battle it constantly. The reason why I write this is that. I swear it, ones a woman/girl falls in love with me… only trouble is headed her way… Example, as a 19 year old teenager my actions drove a married woman crazy making her to divorse her man. ( This is a long story made short) I explained to her I am not planning on doing anything serious with you and I wasnt even attempting on doing it. I even asked her permission for many mistakes/ actions I did with her such as sleeping with her etc… . But after I decided this have gone far enough she was like a trail that just got derailed . And this happens to every single girl I get to know.
    I do not brag or anything else about it ( wich I actually did in the past ). But now that I have realized that this is just to weird I’ve decided I just want to solve this shit that is messing up my mind. So I can finally have a normal relationship or atleast a stressfree life. If someone has a good explonation for this whole shit. Please do explain it but don’t start telling me that pigs can fly and stuff like that. I need some kind of proof for what is going on.
    Thank you for your time anyways
    P.S. I do apologise for any mistakes made here while writing this down

  22. One night I woke up in my bed to find myself not being able to open my eyes. This made me scared so i started feeling around for my tv remote to see if i was still dreaming. I found it and could feel it in my hands so I knew i was no longer dreaming. At this time I felt a heavy gust of wind and heard a loud blowing noise in my face that was pushing me to my bed, not allowing me to move a muscle. In my mind I seen a white hovering being above me with long hair I cant describe how scary it was. I am a constant lusic dreamer but this is not like those dreams. My heart was beating so fast and I knew there was no logical explanation why I couldn’t open my eyes. I started chanting the lord’s prayer immediately and after about twice through it was gone. I got up and woke everyone up in my house(including my father) even though i was 21 years old at the time. The fact that I have found stories on the internet that are identical to mine scare the hell out of me. because after this experience i lost 40 pounds and had to file for disability I couldn’t take care of myself. I would fall into a heavy visual dreamworld every night that caused me to want to stay asleep all the time. I had no energy or desire to eat and thought it was Post traumatic Stress Disorder from when i was over in Iraq in 2010. .only now 2 years later am I seeing clearly and am now becoming the man i use to be. The thing that scares me now is I’m almost positive I was dating a succubus at the same time I was visited by one in my dreams. We were in bed one night arguing when I realized that something inside of her was trying to hurt me and every single subject we talked about she went out of her way to make me feel mad and angry at myself and my friends and things she would say were morally wrong and when I looked into her eyes it was like it as a different person. And so I had an overwhelming need to once again say the lord’s prayer. As soon as i started whispering it she started thrashing on the bed and was making demonic sounds. I continued going through the prayer and she continued until she stopped and fell asleep. I tried waking her but i couldn’t. She slept until the next morning when she claimed she had no recollection of all the terrible things she said and of her reaction to me praying. she blamed it on blacking out off of wine which was not the case because she was coherent until the second i started praying. My advice-BECOME TIGHT WITH GOD!
    “I can do all things through Christ Who Give Me Strength”.
    -Philipians 4:13

  23. Ha…bro seriously it’s a heartache that isn’t as attractive as you are making it….it’s not what you think….don’t be naive ….

  24. Step one: forget about succubi trust me they hurt like shit
    Second: god most of the time wont answer in an audible voice but he speaks in 4 ways
    I hope this helps and dont try succubus summoning i k ow i wont ever again


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