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I need to know how "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor applies to God and is inspiratonal?

Its for a religion project for school!
Quick 10 points for best answer


  1. We are not in opposition to anything in earth or hell, except the principle of death. God has introduced life, and it is the principle of life that we are after. The power of the enemy is all the time trying to destroy this life, and I am opposed to that power. I am at war with it, and expect to be. I do not expect to cease my exertions in a million of years hence, no more than I do to-day; but the world is seeking that which will cause them to perish.
    JD 7:56, Brigham Young, June 27, 1858
    We are striving for eternal life, and are opposed to those who love and have the power of death. We have the influence and the power of life and that necessarily brings us in opposition to those who prefer the principles of death.
    JD 7:56, Brigham Young, June 27, 1858
    I do not wish to say anything in regard to the life and conduct of this people: those things are before the world. And, as we have often published, we challenge them to prove that we are not loyal subjects of this Government and the kingdom of heaven. We have everything that produces peace and comfort, and will advance all men in life and happiness, so far as they will permit us.

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