Home Discussion Forum I need to harness my psychic power fast.HELP!!!!?

I need to harness my psychic power fast.HELP!!!!?

I am a psychic in training but need help harnessing my power and get good at it fast. Please help me. I can only make a small Psi ball (i learned from a site) and it only makes my hands really hot. I can’t control it. If some one would really help me with this I would really, really, apprectiate it.
I accidently put it in with physics
Just see it as psychic for me. Please.
I guess I’m KINDA asking for a teacher. I put this question on last night and i was tired. I meant to put it under psychic not physics.
If you REALLY want to know, email me at cubhicbu@yahoo.com
Don’t email me. Here is why I need to harness them fast. There is this guy I know. He can create a psi ball with one hand. Then, he can do almost any thing he wants with it. I can’t stand it. He always teases me about it and thows hit psi balls at me. They really hurt. I can’t stand him. Once, he fell and healed himself. Later I got cut with a knife and asked him to heal me and he said he can’t do that because he can’t heal. I can’t make a visible psi ball just feel it. Plus, I can’t control what it does. It is sometimes to hot or cold. I can’t make a good sheild and i have trouble centering.
I don’t know what to do.

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  1. I reckon you can’t read, since Physics, and Psychic, although similarly looking, meaning totally different..
    Physic is the Study of “Natural Phenomena”, not
    wierd Psychic phenomena,……
    we don’t know about ESP, only ESPN, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Yes, i understand. It was no accident that you ended up on the physics site. It has a hidden meaning which i will explain.
    Instead of psychic power let’s go with physics power. Usually this means horsepower, therefore i think you should become a horsewhisperer in order to begin activating your psychic powers. I would start this by riding horses . I know i can lead you to this idea but i can’t make you do it, but maybe you’ll like this approach! Soon you will harness these hidden powers!

  3. I can help you to develop your psychic ability.
    Slow your mind. Modern life tends to wind us up; literally speeding up our brainwave frequency. Normal daily, wide-awake, states of consciousness are Beta frequency 14 up to 20+ cycles per second. Beta level brainwave activity is too fast to allow psychic connections. So the practices of meditation and relaxation methods you are comfortable with are the first steps to develop psychic ability. More advanced help on the following pages: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html
    Here is my quick step-by-step script for accessing your psychic state of mind. With a free MP3 to download.
    Thereโ€™s also a good FREE psychic mini-course at http://www.become-psychic.wotsnext.com

  4. yes u should go and make it into something like light then u need to control the light on the ball then u need to make it disapears in ur hands un til u end up having a ball with no logh on it when it really should

  5. First of all: Why do you need to do it fast?
    And I know everyone grows tired of this but the only way to really get better is: practice, practice, practice… Gosh, I hate it when people say that to me =P.
    Start with training with Psi balls more.
    You could also try PK (Telekinesis and such), but I don’t think it will go fast, because there is no shortcut or faster way.
    A very good site is http://www.psipog.com , but you might already have heard about that one.
    You could try programming the Psi ball, or do other fun things with it. Things I haven’t achieved yet *sigh*, maybe I should try making Psi balls again….
    I wish you the best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tell us of your progress!
    ~Alexandra, 16 years old
    [EDIT: Remember, I’m not a professional! I’m just saying what I think you can try][Maybe professional is not the right word… I’m not very advanced. I was able to shock people and give them headaches… I would only do it with their permission to test it and then I would use Reiki to make them feel better again]

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    1. Cut out two live wires (+ and -).
    2.Use your two hands to hold each of the wires.
    3. If you are able to hold it for ten hours then the electric charges will harness your psychic power. I.e u will be fully charged. Or if you find this difficult you can try the physics horse power horse whisperer. Let us know your psychic power is charged.

  8. I need help pls if anyone can help me i feel dat i have a lot of strange powers in me. First of all i do hear strange sounds like beeps and also i do feel like am untouchable and a lot of other strange tings pls i need true direction

  9. your mind needs to flow like a clear river in the center not on the surface where ripples form but suspended and open not helpless. Fear drives away ur ability. This usually happens because unseen forces will take notice of your strong aura like a bully picking a target. Ur mind is empty yet full of invisible heat not as in hot but the raw power of your soul because ur body is only a vessel and its wise not to forget that. Try mixing salt with water in the same room you practice it does help but dont get used to it because eventually you should be able to do things without aid. The voice that talks to you in your head is actually your soul communicating with your physical computer (the brain) which is only an organ dont let your brain define who u are know yourself first to know your strength.


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