I need to calm down, help!?

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Ok very long story short, my ‘foster’ dog saw another little dog and freaked out, knocked me down, then ran and tried to get the little dog, by the time I got there he ran off but after I started to chase him I looked back and the elderly lady owner of the little dog had fallen. I ran back to help her up and get her into her house, I checked out her little dog(he was fine, also he also tries to get my dog when I walk him) I had the lady’s daughter (who lives with her) to go get some ice for her knee that hurt…the lady said she was fine, kept saying it, I kept apologizing, I was able to find the b@stard of a dog I am fostering, and will never walk him again as long as I have him, but I feel like crap, feel bad for the lady, I have taken some benedryl and am drinking hot decaff herbal tea, I can’t seem to find my “zen” place, I am mentaly shaken up!! I think I will get her some sort of gift basket or something..so, any other ‘calm down’ tricks you know of? Is a gift basket or card OK?
Thanx “Just Because”, but my hubby is in Iraq, I am alone in a new town so no hugs or holding tight for me, and as for the ‘other thing’ you mentioned, well I am not really in the mood for a ‘piece of me’ right now 😉

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she’s fine, relax.

Just Because

When I have panic attacks I do two things.
I have someone hold me tight. Yes like a tight hug or snug. Something about calming you down.
The other one is masturbating. Yes it does work.


Maybe take a hot bath or listen to some soothing music.

amy dumas

to calm down:
sit in a dark quite place for a little,enjoy the greenery, look @ the stars, read a book, take a long hot bath by candle lite
a gift basket souds just fine


I think you should get her a gift basket and a giftcard to a pet store for the dogg.


Take a nice long bath… breathe deeply.
Anyways a gift basket sounds nice, or flowers!


A massage always helps, a hard drink, and closure. I think the old lady is over it from the sound of it, but you probably should do something for her to help make up for it.

Betty M

It’s just an accident, it’s not your fault. Try some breathing tchniques; exhale for 7 sec and breath in for 7 sec, repeat 2 or 3 times. Make sure your sitting in a comfortable postition and comfy space.


the fact that the elderly lady was more concerned for you than herself made your self concious feel guilty about what happened and somewhat concerned, maybe if you check in on the lady every now and then to make sure she is alright and see that she is doing alright will make your guilt go away, or if you dont want to do that just tell yourself everythings going to be ok and remind yourself she has a daughter to look after her and take care of her whenever she needs it, that everything she is going to be fine. and YES it would be ok and rather nice of you to send her a gift basket or a card-probably a get well or get better card since her knee hurt and all but dont make it look like your a stalker more like be a concerend neighbor…..sorry if this wasnt help i never really been in this situation and this is all that i can come up with…and im not that educated in the mental health state i just thought i would try to help in case the other answers didnt do it for you…..hope everything turns out okay!!!!


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