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I need some meditation/focus and breathing techniques to slow my heartrate during stage fright?

I often get terrible physical stagefright when doing assignments infront of class in college. I realized that always right before I present I can tell my heartrate is going through the roof to where I can barely talk and my hands shake violently. I think most of my problem with this is physical so if I did a meditation technique before class or something just before my presentation it would help. Any ideas?


  1. try a couple of basic breathing/,meditation breathing excercises, what is does is forces ur brain (whc is goin haywire ) to focus on the breathing and not on the fear of stage, and relaxes u, i’ve always done it and it works most of the times
    there quite a few breathing/meditation techniques and excercises, i suggest googling or getting a book on few of them , trying them out and seeing what works best for u
    all the best

  2. Hi
    Try this : take a deep breath and take it to the bottom of your stomach for 4 seconds, then hold for 4 seconds, then let it all out until your last breath for 4 seconds. Then repeat this cycle for 10-20+ reps, you will will the differance its basic but very effective. Your mind is made to focus on your breathing which takes your attention away from whatever is worrying you and concentrate on something else this gives your mind peace. If you did this for 15-20 mins a day you will notice great changes and improvements, try it and see what happens.


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