Home Discussion Forum I need some help on my psychology question? Thank You!?

I need some help on my psychology question? Thank You!?

Which of the following would be the best title for a debate between Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner?
A. The road to ecstasy: dreams vs. daydreams
B. Spiritual awakening: Which path is right for me?
C. Emotions are the essence of our lives: myth or reality.
D. Determinants of behavior: The unconscious versus the environment.


  1. Yeah the previous poster is correct. I’d say D with about 99% certainty.
    Skinner was a behaviorist — he was concerned with how environmental forces made us learn to behave in certain ways. If you asked him why we behave in a given way, he would tell you that a behavior was a result of some punishment or reinforcement from something in the environment.
    Freud, one the other hand, put forth a complex theory of how unconscious drives influence behavior. If you asked him why someone behaved a certain way, he might pull from his topographical model, saying that a given behavior was influenced by forces of which the person wasn’t consciously aware.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Yeah D Freud believe in the psychodynamic approach which believed in the unconscious mind.
    Skinner as a behaviourist believed that we are shaped by our environment and experiences.


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