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I need seasoned spiritual advice concerning a dream I had last night that has negatively affected me greatly.?

Early this morning, I woke up from a dream that I cannot seem to let go of, no matter what.
In my 34 years of living, I can only recall a time or two when I felt such a profound sense of depression as a result of a dream I had.
The dream:
In my dream, I was in a large room with a vaulted ceiling, like the shape of the underside of a roof (angled). In the room were two beds, and I was lying in one of them watching television. The bed that I was lying in was not made, and the sheets were scattered about the bed. I was on the darker side of the room, and as I watched television while in bed, the sharp images flickered from image to image cast a colorful glow against the darkness of the bedroom. The sharpness of the images were incredible.
Then I got up and moved to the other bed on the other side of the room. It had not been slept in. I continued watching television, changing channels with my remote control. About 12 feet from the foot of the beds were two large full-length windows, which led to a hallway of some sort just beyond my sight. And through this window, I saw a cloudy white light. I saw my parents (who in real-life are still healthy, alive, and in their 50s) who stood in front of the windows as the cloudy white light illuminated them from behind. My mother said, “When you get done watching that, come outside for a second!”
Then, everything went black. I could hear a tape recording of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin playing on tape player, and it was the last 30 seconds of the song. I knew that the tape was old because of all of the pops and clicks it made as it played. I could hear the end of the guitars and the final words, “And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.” I was in complete darkness, although I could see images that were very vague and extremely difficult to define by human standards.
I felt a profound sense of sadness, which was overwhelming. It was as if I was reliving the final few seconds of someone’s life alive. The combination of darkness and sadness was overwhelming – – even after I woke up, I feel the sadness and emotional emptiness as I felt/experienced in that state of being. I felt connected to someone’s death, someone’s life, before and after death. I could see the words “Drive Carefully” while hearing the last part of Stairway to Heaven.
It was like a message-warning from the grave.
I’m depressed right now beyond belief – – ever since I had that dream this morning.
I’m 34 years old, a SummaCumLaude college graduate, and have had powerfully revealing dreams my entire life, some of which have predicted the future; however, I can never tell when such a dream will take place, nor what time it may or may not occur. But when they do occur, it is absolutely astounding, and that is part of the reason why I am so concerned about this dream.
Thank you for taking the time to read these details, and hopefully you aren’t too bored or filled with too much skepticism. In some ways I feel that it is my mother’s brother who passed away two months before I was born, as he has made himself known to me in visions, during an awakened state during childhood, and later on during dreams while asleep at night. I don’t know why he has wanted to communicate with me for so long, but I am thankful to have “known” him during these visions. Oddly enough, I’ve learned that the spiritual world is far different than anything we are used to seeing hear on earth, especially the way people communicate with one another. He died in a car accident, only 19 years old, in 1974.


  1. you need reasoned advice not seasoned advice, dreams are just that and sometimes induce bouts of melancholia let the dream go let the problems go concentrate on your plans for today

  2. This is one of the most fascinating questions I have ever read here on ‘answers.’ Your dream was rivetingly poignant. I sense that you are honest to a fault. And I can see from your writing that you are a scholar, and perhaps you may even write as a profession. That dream was very profound, and you described it astonishingly well, paying close attention to every detail.
    I wouldn’t worry about the dream- after all, it was just that- a dream. It has no bearing on reality nor the future. You are in total control of your own life. Peace be unto you, and God bless!

  3. Some people have these dreams. I’ve had one as well.
    When I was 18, and I was still living at my fathers house in Tennessee, I had a dream that jerked me awake in cold sweats.
    I was standing outside at my fathers house, and the sky became a very bright, like a neon sort of orange, but with big grey clouds. I got scared and ran under his porch, and stared at the sky. Huge bombs were being dropped, and I could feel the whole ground shaking. They were just falling out of the sky, one after another.
    I woke up shortly after that. When I woke up the next day, I felt strangely compelled to draw something (I draw and paint).
    I made this image of a tornado, with a girl floating on top of it. Below was her house, and the wind carried off the roof. I even drew animals and people floating around on it. In small letters underneath, I wrote “There goes the neighborhood” in small, scratchy handwriting.
    A couple of hours later, my mother called me, from Ohio, and asked me to come and visit her. I had no plans on going there whatsoever, and it’s a long drive; but something in me told me to go, so I did.
    About 8 hours later, when I got to my mothers house in Ohio, I got a call from my father. A tornado struck down in his neighborhood, and the entire block, including his home, was destroyed. Several people in the neighborhood died, and they found a two little boys, dead, with locks of their mothers hair in their hand underneath all of the rubble.
    I can’t accept that all as just coincidence. Personally, I accept dreams as a beautiful gift, that represents some of the mysteries of life. Beyond that, I think we’re just stepping outside of our bounds. The picture will unfold on it’s own, and one day it will make sense.

  4. Thank you for an interesting question. I don’t have a spiritual interpretation, but a physical and mental one. As I understand the subject (which is only in passing) our brains are not a single thinker, but a whole committee of different specialists. If you ever have an to internal argument with yourself where you consider several points of view or choices of action, I think several conscious parts of your brain are interacting to come to a single decision. But parts of our brain evolved long before consciousness developed, and those parts do not have conscious voices in this democracy. They give us urges, instincts and emotions. But some of those parts of the brain also present their points of view to us in our dreams.
    My guess is that some part of your consciousness has recently become more aware of the eventual inevitable death of your parents and maybe even your own eventual and inevitable death. I think deep and ancient parts of your brain are working through how they feel about this awareness in this dream. They are displaying their reactions by images, symbols and powerful emotions.
    I don’t think it is important that you resolve this dream to a definite conscious conclusion. Just understand that you got to watch an important committee meeting and it will not get lost, just because you do not decide on a specific interpretation. Your brain has progressed in its maturity and organization for having produced this dream to experience.

    John Popelish

  5. Not so P, (perfect?)
    John answered very well and took some of my ideas. I took too long because I had to re-do my yahoo info. It’s been so long since I’ve used yahoo. But something led me here! Like you, I have had prophetic dreams before and also like you, they do tend to cause worry. I have learned in my 46 “seasons” that sometimes they are just pictures my mind has stored and put together to make a “movie” in my sleep. Most of the time it is relatively insignificant things that I did not allow my thoughts to fully expand upon so the brain stores them up to possibly use later. For example, if you have a tv in your room that you watch from bed, ever after leaving your parents in the living room watching tv, or if you have recently been in a hotel room or other with double beds, usually one left made, and if either of your parents have stood in your darkened doorway, the backlighting could have appeared like the white cloud you mention. (Halo) The song makes perfect sense because of its connection to death. My guess is because it is from your parents era you associated it with them. And last but not least, whether the “Drive Carefully” sign was a literal sign you had seen recently or a figurative “sign” as a warning, you are Blessed either way with adherance. Peace.

  6. Your dream recall was good but you make no mention of where
    you were when the dream occurred nor what action you took to
    contact your parents after to verify their condition.
    Your mothers words didn’t sound ominous. When you finish,
    talk to us. Sounds more like loneliness. Maybe it is just a
    reminder that you need to pay more attention to them.
    Maybe it is a warning to you to drive carefully.

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