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I need opinions on my meditation experience below, Is this an omen in meditation?

I started off with the usual meditation. I opened my third eye, and started to feed my crown chakra.. My visuals were as always exciting, seeing different places without my mind wandering, Its really cool to meditate. but today.. I seen a dark cloudy, shrouded figure in the shape of a man, I seen no arms no legs, it was if the “man” was wearing the dark clouds. He pointed at me and I heard, “Return” thrice, “The one” thrice, and “Amen Rah” thrice.
I know “Amen Rah” is an Egyptian god.
Can someone tell me if they’ve had a similar experience of the sort, and/or what does this mean, who is the figure?


  1. No, it may be time to call in the professionals (the mental health professionals)… j/k… I think you are trolling!

  2. Experience in meditation can be the biggest trap. They come and go and you have no control. Attachment to the experiences is a hindrance to meditation.

  3. Please consider my reply with an open mind and not with the burden of having done this meditation for whatever period.
    Purpose of any meditation is to change oneself for good. Forgetting this, seekers get carried away by some strange and pleasant experiences one comes across. One also indulges in utter selfishness and not think about the misery of this world.
    Several organisations willingly or unknowingly encash the need of this set of people viz seekers and meditators and sell them their product however useless it might be. People seeking something clutch at anything and obviously get carried away by some experience.
    Coming to your experience, I can only prersume that what is coming up to your mind is only past memory of a book you have read or movie you have seen – modified by your own mind presented on a different platter. Even if it is not from your past memory and a fresh experience that occurred to you what value does it have?
    So, quit this meditation and ask fundamental questions of life like definition of God, goodness, sorrow etc yourself and also find answers for yourself without the burden of your religion and background. Then, it might be worthwhile.
    Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean to insult you in any way. I have undergone my own experiences and have seen people who have harmed themselves in such pursuits. But there is no doubt to find out the meaning of this life is the most important thing which one has to do in life.
    Be Happy.

  4. With all due respect, Mike, I find it hard to believe that you meditate “without your mind wandering.”
    And given that you have written this, I would remind you that the mind is extremely clever and cunning. It will find all kinds of ways to trick you into thinking you are having *experiences* when in fact it is all mind stuff. Projections, images, memories of photos you have seen, or movies, or TV shows, or video games.
    And remember: the moment a thought-form (again, created by your mind) *says* something, it is just the mind creating another thought. Nothing supernatural here, my friend.
    So, please, return to the basics. Watch your mind, watch your emotions, watch the physical sensations, notice if a desire for supernatural experiences arises, strengthen your discernment, and then have a good cup of tea.
    Then you will find the extraordinary in the most ordinary of things.

  5. Being in Meditation is being in a state of Conscious Undivided Blissful Spiritual Awareness. …….What We are at the core of our Being beyond mental or emotional self.
    An experience of all engulfing ecstasy of SILENCE. without any conscious form or space or time.
    It is like complete surrender to an effortless subtle existence merging with a feeling infinite eternity, dissolving all knotty mental forms or illusions.
    ………make an all fresh effort for getting into an effortless aware-full conscious being .
    All the best.


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