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I need interpretation on these 2 tarot cards?

So my question was, “will he think I’m cute or pretty?” And these 2 cards show up:
Card #1 is how your partner sees you, and the card is Earth. (meaning: The established order and pattern by which the world is defined). What does that mean?
Card #2 is how your partner feels about you, and the card is the reversed Eight of Swords. What does that mean?
So will he think I’m cute or pretty?


  1. 1. a picture on a piece of paper that doesn’t have any magical properties and can’t tell you anything.
    2. see card 1.

  2. You are using your Tarot cards incorrectly. The Tarot does not give yes or no or definate answers, especially on such trivial questions. If you are looking for specific answers visit a psychic or invest in some Oracle cards.
    Also, do not waste the energy of the Tarot on such silly and shallow questions. The point of the cards is to learn more about yourself and your psychological energies as you develop into a mature human consciousness.

  3. Tarot is about connecting with your higher self, sub-concious or however you see the spiritual side of you.
    A better question to ask would be “What will our relationship be?”.
    You’ll get an answer which you may not like but it will at least help you understand there is more to attracting someone that just being cute.
    If you learn to understand cards properly you can get insights into how the relationship will start, the problems it will face, if it will last etc. Or it will tell you to move on, help you understand why it won’t work and see beyond any disappointment.
    You obviously don’t have much experience and you are relying on books to interpret the cards.
    Some advice to help you use them better.
    As a beginner don’t use the cards in mixed dignified/undignified(reversed) as this makes them very hard to interpret, there are 78 cards in a standard deck you are creating 156 to cope with.
    Smaller steps. Most professional Tarot readers don’t use this as upright the 78 provide all you need if you know how to use them properly.
    Don’t use the books. Just go on your gut instinct with the image in the pictures. Just say out loud what you see and make up a story. Take notes, photograph them and reference back to see how well you did. Once you start getting good results then see what the standard meaning is. Remember the cards speak different to all of us and each book is just someone else interpretation.
    It is important to understand the elements of the minor arcana and the meanings of the symbology of earth (coins/pentacles), air(swords), fire(rods/wands) and water(cups) (wealth/material, intellectual challenges, home/work/family, love&emotions respectively).
    I’m planning on adding a Tarot tutor section to my web site which you can bookmark and check back on. It’s all numerology and a bit of astrology at the moment:


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