I need help with my Book of Shadows!!?

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I have a 3-ring binder for my Book of Shadows.
How can I keep it organized? What can I do to make it easier for me to find certain spells without flipping through a bunch of pages?
(I already have a Table of Contents and Index)
But I need a way to make it even more organized. Any ideas?
Message to Blood Song: I thought Catholics and Christians were “peaceful”? Oh, and how ya gonna get my blood?

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pumpkin kitty!

get sectional dividers.
you can get them just about anywhere in an office supply section.
also, post it tabs in different colors are a good option too.


Make a spell to organize your binder if you trust it.


Thos spells will turn on you…

Sir Alex

make an online book of shadows..


You could make important pages smaller or larger than the others so they are easier to find.
By the way may i ask for a spell?


You could cast an Organizing Spell on your spell book assuming your book is organized enough to find the Organizing Spell. Good luck with that.
P.S. It might help to turn on the lights so you don’t have so many shadows.


Get those divider sheets. There are folders you can buy that fit into a three ring binder too so that you can put loose pieces of paper and such in there.


index tabs

The Tater

yeah dividers help.
mines al over the place. got spells hear. sigils there. all kinds of stuff.
then i got an entire 100 page long part with verses from the bible that disprove the bible and prove its stolen fom paganism and satanism. i have way to much time on my hands.
and catholics and christians aren’t peaceful there just posers. remember the inquisition . they killed 100s of thousands of inoccents for different perspectives. there the true murderers

Enchanted Gypsy

I must agree with Sir Alex. I transferred mine from a binder to a removable Jump Drive. Makes it so much easier. Plus being on a Jump Drive it is not permanently in my computer where someone may accidentally come across it. Good luck!


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