I need help Trying to see my/others Auras?

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i beleive people can see auras
and i would love to have any tips what so ever
to use the ‘thrid eye’
i know nothing about how i should go among starting to ‘see’
plz help!

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There is no spoon.

Seeing auras is simple. Look at a person, then focus beyond the person’s shoulder and look at, say a wall, behind them. Keep staring until you see colors start to form around the contour of their body.


You got me intersted now and I just looked this up on the internet, it might help.. but I haven’t read fully through it, but I am going to.


An aura is something that you would feel, rather than see.

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Nadia
Meditation & visualisation can be excellent methods, here is a link to a development workshop pack I have developed called Foundation.
http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/tarot_course_workshops.htm you can also join our forum if you wish to share with like minded folk!


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