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I need help to make my ex want me back?

Okay so let me give you a run down on my ex.
And let me first start off by saying this.. Im going to make this clear! I dont want him back and i will never take him back!! I just want that feeling of him beggining and calling for me to be with him again, and yes i have the power to say no! I just want him to feel the way i felt!
We were together for 4 years on and off ,, only reason why we were on and off was because he cheated on me so many times STUPID ME!! KEPT TAKING HIM BACK! this time im through for real! =]
but through out our relationship he made me feel very insecure because he would leave me for a female txt me and say ” your just not cutting it for me” and than she would skrew him over (karma) and he would come crying back saying he was sorry. He always told me i cant ever move on or get another guy cause hes got me wrapped around his finger F**KER!!!!!!!!
UGH! hes a real a**!! but my bff is having her 21st birthday party at a club, there kind of friends still but not really i want her to invite him to her party and i want to make him jelous as hell
the opinion i need is how should i go about doing so! =]
Additional Details
I am very through with him!! im just seeing that its time for me to make him jelous and hit him with what ive been hit with for 4 yrz if you guys cant understand that do me a favor and dont comment me 😉


  1. look as sexy as you can….but not slutty or seem easy, then have a guy friend or someone you’re interested in go w/ you and danc w/ him all night and hug him all night while your ex is there….he’ll prob expect you to show up w/ nobody and be really excited to see him, then hit em hard w/ the reality that you’ve moved on….guys always want what they can’t have…if you seem unavailable it’ll help = )

  2. Watch this movie, it explains everything on how to get a guy back, or make him so madly jealous hehe LOVE THE MOVIE!
    Two Can Play That Game

  3. Based on your input, your ex was right, he does have you wrapped around his finger. You still need his approval to feel better about yourself. If you don’t want him back, then forget about him, move on, let it go. Until you can do that, he’s still in control. Only someone who still has feelings for an ex would go to this trouble, when all you have to do is just MOVE ON.

  4. Don’t stoop to his level. The best way to get him back is to be truly happy on your own. Start dating other guys and just have fun with your girls!

  5. I like you because you’re being honest and humorous, and I feel like I understand you. This guy treated you badly, and as much as you could see it, there was still a hook there for you. You aren’t stupid – you were doing your best to make sense of some complicated feelings. It’s not unheard of to want to be with someone who treats us badly, and to miss that person, even though we know there’s really nothing there for you. Been there, done that.
    Don’t you think you deserve some kindness now? Protecting yourself from him might be the best way forward – in other words, staying away from him till you really do feel nothing more than amused indifference when you think about him.
    I think the best way to get even is to cherish yourself. Treat yourself the way he couldn’t treat you, because of his own problems and unskilful behavior. If he sees you doing what you are proposing to do, there’s a chance he’ll guess what you’re up to, and his ego will be stoked. But if he never sees you, never hears from you, never gets any indirect messages from you through someone else – that’s what will probably burn him best.

  6. He’s right about one thing. You don’t seem to be able to move on from him. And you can stamp your little feet and wave your little fists, and lie to yourself and everybody else that you’re through with him, but that clearly isn’t the case. If you were, you wouldn’t care how he felt. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

  7. So, playing games only keeps you thinking about him! It won’t hurt him, only you.
    BUT- you asked how to do it, and I very much know how 🙂 lol so:
    1. stop talking to him. Make him believe you are completely utterly over him.
    2. after awhile, send him a random, friendly text. maybe make a joke. something harmless. Be completely non threatening, non romantic, just friendly.
    3. if he doesn’t reply, send another text joking about how he’s so funny how akward he gets around you sometimes (or something like that) and how you’re just trying to be friendly
    4. leave him be again.
    5. send another friendly text. Be a funny, carefree person. Act like you have absolutely no romantic feelings left towards him and that you are just trying to be his friend
    6. WHATEVER YOU DO. do noootttt say anything mean, angry, rude, confrontational, etc.
    trust me. do this enough and it will work. Worked for me every every every time in my younger years. But seriously, if you don’t want the heartache in your life, forget the games 🙂 while they may “work” and make your ex want you, do you really want him to not move on…? Do you really want him annoying you? Not letting you live your life and move on? I found it out the hard way that that’s no way to live…
    Hopefully you make the right choice 🙂
    good luck in life whatever you decide


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