I need help starting my book of shadows!?

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Yes I know it is MY book of shadows and there is no wrong way of writing it. It’s judt I’m finally getting to be a serious Wiccan and to tell you the truth I never really kept a BOS on anything I’ve done.

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I would start by writing your spiritual autobiography. Write down what your basic beliefs are and how you came to discover them.

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Jordan Christine

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Midnight River please bless me

Why you want to be a witch.
Your goals of becoming a witch.
What led you to witchcraft.
“A day and a year concept” : a day and a year after the date of your creation of BOS, you will look back into your notes to see improvement and progress you made.
Rituals and ingredients
lucid deaming
gods and goddesses
psychic development
tarot readings and spreads…
you get the idea

Lady Astarte

You BOS is a reference tool for yourself. It’s difficult for anyone to tell you what to put in to it. Basically, as you study, write down important information for yourself that you may have to refer back to. Spells, circle casting, elemental info, color meanings, herb useage, sabat info, etc.. I even record my meditations if I feel there is meaning that I don’t understand right away. Sometimes writing them down and refering back to them on paper helps bring some understanding. Good luck! You are about to embark on a very exciting journey!

Phoenix - pagan 1/2 of JPA

The first part of my personal BOS is the story of how, when and why I became Wiccan. Mine is actually in a binder, and I’ve added pages since I started that include memories and additions and changes.
The second section is several guided meditations and the results thereof. The rest is entirely personal.
Like you said, there is no wrong way, but that is what has been helpful to me, personally. I’ve found that it is good for me to go back and review my path and the side trips, and reasoning and to see how they’ve led from beginning to present. And it has also been interesting to redo those early meditations and see what other insights come up as I have gone further down the road.
The only really strong suggestion I make is to make it expandable and to leave plenty of room between sections so you can add things in the proper places without it seeming cramped or having to flip back and forth constantly to find what you want.


Ha ha ha, congrats on starting your path!!! Put whatever you find useful in it… I put the Charge of the Goddess, Thirteen Goals of a Witch, and the Wiccan Rede at the beginning of mine, always handy to have around and keep you in mind of the path you’re on. And also some basic visualization, meditation, grounding and centering techniques, because those are the things I have a hard time with.
But most of this will get scribbled on, taken out, or added to extensively as you continue on the path. Right now, anything you think you need at the moment, go ahead and put in there, but don’t stress about it. It’ll fill itself up in time. Just make sure you take good notes on everything, how a particular spell or ritual went, what you think you should do differently, what worked, which meditation techniques work for you and which don’t, etc. All of this will become very important in figuring out your own unique path.

baron von strudel JPA ART

1. Ignore the nitwits who insist on answering questions with a stream of hate.
I personally put stuff in my BoS that I just got tired of looking up constantly. I’ve got information about altar tools, the dates and details of the sabbats (and a lovely big chart that shows the elements, nature of the sun, the god, the goddess, etc etc in relation to each sabbat which is very handy), some records of symbolism, runes, and some other stuff.

ToriMia the Witch

Think of you BOS as a journal. In it you will put your thoughts and dreams. You can put things that inspire you, things that make you think, things that help you along on your path. I have things like -The Charge of the Goddess, Charge of the God, Charge of the Dark Goddess, The Invitation & The Dance by Oriah Mountaindreamer. I have incense recipes I have found that I liked and rituals that I have been gifted with from friends. I have spells I’ve written and all the tarot readings I have done for myself. In all the years I have been doing this, the book has changed and evolved as I needed it to. Don’tr worry about what’s right or wrong, just worry about what works for you and it will come to you.


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