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I need help on the relationshio between Aleister Crowley and George W. Bush ?

Is one of the most wicked person on the planet Aleister Crowley who is also known as the great beast 666 related to George W. bush? and also can anyone tell me their relationship?
Hint: George W. H. Bush, Barbara bush,


  1. 1. No relationship whatsoever.
    2. Ditto
    Bush might be a letdown as a President, but that doesn’t make him a follower of Crowley (a psychotic drug addict who died in a flop house) . Skulls and Bones is a college fraternity for rich kids, not the Illuminati (which was short lived, overrated, and hasn’t existed in over 200 years). And yes, Skulls and Bones does have a lot of rich and powerful people in it because rich and powerful people send their kids to Harvard.

  2. Aleister crowley was a clown, so is george dubbya so yeah maybe there is a connection – are you on drugs???

  3. I am not aware of any relationship other than similar behavior. Crowley is someone who’s personality and ego grew out of control. The use of magic often inflates the self’s sense of importance.
    While Bush Jr has these same symptoms I don’t believe he participates in ceremonial magic nor is he as intelligent as Crowley (and never was). His brain is damaged from drug and alcohol abuse. His inflated ego comes from his cronies constantly propping him up so they can do what they want. His choice of religion also feeds his ego.


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