Home Discussion Forum I need help on something concerning telepathy?

I need help on something concerning telepathy?

There are some people that I am broadcasting my thoughts to and I don’t want them to hear them because I don’t want to be connected to those losers….
how can I stop this forever?
please don’t tell me it’s not real because I have spoken with them in the past and they have come to me later and told me why did I think that!


  1. Try learning to shield your mind. Envision enclosing yourself in a wall that no one can get through, and nothing can get out of. Re-enforce it often to make it stronger.
    I hope that helps.
    Be Blessed.

  2. find a legitimate psychic healer and have a “closing” type ceramony performed. a real psychic can stop those broadcast receptors and block out the interference for good.

  3. In an article i read it said the linking between minds has something to do with a thing called tellacanisas ( tell a ca knee sas) It happens if some people have something in common they an read each other’s minds in certain circumstances if your near each other, thunder storm, Etc Etc. What you have to do is destroy the thing you have in common.

  4. Hi, I am in the same situation. I am desparate because I do not know anywhere else to get help without sounding crazy. I am 27, I have since developed telepathy and I am basically a victim to these people who recruited me to this telepathy. I guess we are thousands maybe millions worldwide. They make my life hell, by basically controling my emotions and dreams. I have tried to tell them that I want out of this madness but they are relentless please help.
    email: susanmut2005@gmail.com


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