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I need help on helping someone save their soul?

i know this girl who is non-religious because the church she was going to wanted to ban gay people and i have told her that my church isnt like that( cuz all churches are different) i honestly think that that is a very poor reason to stop going to church or believing in God. she’s not a lesbian or bi she’s one of those people who want to be accepted by the world and damning whatever happens in the afterlife. she also feels as though there is no universal truth or rather she doesn’t care about finding truth but that kinda makes me die a little inside (no, she is not my girlfriend) cuz its like she’s saying to me “i dont care about wat happens to me when i’m dead” like she just gave up on life…true life not just when we exist but the “Super Life” to be truly happy not by materialism but by everything thats within not the whole “i know who i am stuff” i mean the “i’ve found myself” thing i just need help to convince to come with me on a journey to find ourselves through Vipassana Meditation, its not that i want her to believe what i believe but i want her to experience the true meaning of life before she just decides that there is no hope in anything except wat is on earth and i want her to be even more happier in her life.


  1. Idk if you should do anything. You have the right to believe in some kind of purpose and higher power just like she can choose otherwise. If you look at the world in a rational way you tend to come to that conclusion, or at least I did. Let her make her own decisions, not having a religion doesn’t mean she’ll be unhappy

  2. She doesn’t need to be saved. People who don’t practice religion are perfectly happy and aren’t missing anything. And they aren’t “giving up” on anything either. She can believe in, or not believe in anything she wants.

  3. Maybe you need help saving her because you don’t know how to get around the block of her not wanting to be saved.

  4. You cannot help someone save their soul. You can talk to them about your beliefs and why you recommend them, you can even try to pressure someone into accepting your faith through fear. But, in my view neither you or your God can save or destroy a soul. Soul’s are eternal.

  5. uh, leave her alone. if she wants to believe in a god then she will, telling people what to do gets annoying and you will lose a friend.

  6. Quoted: “she doesn’t care about finding truth but that kinda makes me die a little inside…”
    Now what’s truly bugging you? She doesn’t care about finding truth or she doesn’t care about finding YOUR “truth”?

  7. I’m trying to help my crush save his soul too. But on his facebook, for religious views, he has anti-God and I really don’t want anything bad happening to him.
    Maybe invite your friend to go to church with you, so you can go together. I always think it’s funner and more interesting when I go to church with my cousin.

  8. How she chooses to believe and live her life is not up to you. She doesn’t need saving, especially from someone who thinks her personal choices mean she has given up on life. That is your opinion. All of that is your opinion, but that may not be how she sees it, and you have no right to tell another that they have no meaning or purpose if they do not share you beliefs. You are disrespecting her.

  9. There is nothing you can do except pray for her and tell her
    that God love,s her,,and that many Church,s today do not
    preach what God say,s..it,s their on theory,,
    and that God want,s a personal relation ship with her
    and if she will just give God a chance, he will show her.

  10. I believe that actions speak louder than words. So, show her through your actions how and what Christians all about. Someone mentioned prayer, and I think they are right on.

  11. You can’t help someone get saved until you get saved yourself.
    Please read the Bible, New Testament first.
    John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:13, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Proverbs 3:5,6

  12. What you should do is open a bible up, people love facts, show her facts that you think she would like that relate to her life. Make sure not to push anything on her though live by example more than anything else you do and continue to pray for her. It is not us as people who save people its us opening paths for people to see God for themselves that they will believe she should be able to see God by seeing him live through you. Also a huge thing I saw by reading the previous comments you are not shoving religion or “your truth” down her throat you are trying to help her see the way of life and have the eternal peace that you as a christian have I get it. Make sure you have meaningful conversations with her that maybe are not all geared towards God exactly and be a listening ear for her; with the end goal once again being that with your reactions and the light of God shining through you she will notice she is missing something you have and eventually want to know what that “thing” is and then that is your chance to slowly but surely let her know it is God working in her life through you. It also really saddens me to read how people are christians on here yet judging your faith our job is not to judge other for any reason what so ever whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. Please read Matthew 5:8. Keep up what your doing you are fulfilling your purpose in life. 🙂


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