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god i need help really bad k, ive recently discovered this astral projection, traveling thing, but i dont know how to do it, i need someone that can be my guide for this…answert me any one who knows what their talking about

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Take some really powerful mind-altering drugs and go at it!

Edward E

Do some research on mantrans for astral projection, like FA RA ON , or others, that will help you fall sleep and have a projection.


I believe it is possible to astral project. But, I don’t think the subject comes up in most circles for I don’t think they discuss the unknown.


the easiest way i know is in a book by konstantinos called gothic grimore i dont i spelled it right.


It is all fake.

nikita d

I don’t think you’ll find much help here.
Ask your questions on http://www.astraldynamics.com
Download their workbook & follow the exercises.
I’ve found that to be the most reliable source.
Use it with brainwave generator software http://www.Bwgen.com
Another site that will interest you is occultforums.com
(If you’re loaded you might want to buy the monroe tapes
http://www.hemisync.com – Mind you they are really expensive, if you’re lucky you might be able to download it online)


i meditate and when i’m relaxed i close my eyes and i imagine leaving my body and walking somewhere…which sucks because that takes forever!


Astral travel is easy. Find a quite corner where you won’t be disturbed. Let your mind relax and allow it to wander uncontrolled for a while. Then when you are completely relaxed introduce an idea of where you would like to go or what you would like to find out, and you will be there instantly
The astral plain is a place where every thought and action is stored and can be accessed by focusing on a particular aspect of it. However you will not be able to interact while there as it is only a record. It is purely for observation. If you find you can interact, you are not in the astral levels but in a higher or lower plain.
If you practice meditation you will eventually find yourself in the astral plane quite natually.

andy e

It’s not real,sorry but it’s not.


E-mail me with the reason you need to astral project. If it is a reason I approve of I will help you. Some of the reasons I don’t approve of are checking on lady friends in thier bedrooms, or gettting secret combinations to safes. Or any illegal activities. When I was young I would project often. I would have friends place something on thier kitchen tables and the next day I would tell them what it was. The next day thier wives insisted they never speak to me again. Many lost friends. It seems thier wives didn’t like the idea I could come in thier bedrooms anytime I wanted. What they didn’t understand was I could or not even if not friends. I never did that tho.


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