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I need help interpreting this….?

Ok I’ve been searching for my true name for a long time now. So Yesterday I meditated and my spirit guide and I were talking casually but, all of a sudden he changed the subject in saying, He had someone I should meet. Suddenly the place we were in changed to a vortex of sorts and I as confronted by the face of Mother (Mother earth, Earth Mother, whatever you prefer). She said she knew I’d been looking for my name for a long time and she was going to present it to me. She looked me and in eyes and said, Scared Heart, she also said that it doesn’t mean what I think it means. Then I was back in my room.
My younger childhood was rough with my parents divorcing, and me and my sister being split up. I’m 13 and past few years haven’t been any better. from 10-12 I was always depressed and it only got worse as time went on. I turned to Shamanism and it lifted. Now more things have happened but, I will not go into detail. I thought that was what she meant my past and stuff but, she says it’s not…so do any of you think you can help me?


  1. I think it is just getting personal, different with each individual with religion thing. I think it might have relieved you when having someone to talk to and share your feelings

  2. i think mother earth is trying to tell you that scared heart means a change of heart. That you don’t have to worry about anything from the past and that you should just start on a new path and live life to the fullest.
    Or maybe it means what could have been. Like in the future things are going to clear up for you and the things you have been through will help those in need who aren’t clear and are scared themselves…
    hope that helped…

  3. It’s a Bad Idea to post your Inner Name or the identity of any Power Animals (just use the generic name “spirit”) on a forum like this.
    Further, Gods and Goddesses communicate in symbols…and have a
    tendency to avoid directly answering a question. I suspect because
    They may be communicating more about a Process that is germaine
    to the questioner’s inquiry.
    Yet the quality of any Inner Name is unique to the individual involved.
    There may be more that is revealed to you thorugh extensive meditation on the symbol itself.
    Good luck…and remember to be cautious.


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