i need help in doing yoga exercises . plz read the following?

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fat reduction from stomach and sides
i want to reduce fat from stomach and sides .for this what all yoga exercise should i do . doing the following exercises for 1 month
anulom vilom (5 mins)
kapalbhati (5 mins)
ardh halasan(10 mins)
naukasan (5mins)
dhaanurasan (5 mins)
Butterfly(5 mins)
earlier i used to do weightlifting exercises but after i left weightlifitng my body started to sag . for this i started controlling my diet but i realized that problem was not my diet but not doing exercises regularly. i dont wannna a body like arnold or six pack body of salman khan .what i want is a simple body. for this i want to burn fat from sides and stomach .which exercise should i do to remove fat?? also i want to include exrecises trikonasana and uddiyana bandha .will they be a good exrecise??plz guide and help me??

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Stacey A

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Micheal B

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Dances with Buddha

Sorry, but in my opinion, doing only the asan and the pranayam you describe, will not contribute much to the reduction of fat.
Nor will adding Uddiyan Bandha or other bandhas.
I suggest doing a sustained cardio exercise, such as running, biking, rowing, etc.
You would need to get your heart and respiration rate to an elevated level (but not too high) and keep it there without interuption for at least 20 minutes; 30 to 45 minutes is better.
Do this at least three days a week; more frequently will give faster results.
A rough guide to your exertion/effort level is it should be hard enough that you find it more comfortable to breathe through the mouth, yet not so hard you are unable to speak in short sentences.
It is a persistent myth that to rid fat in a certain body area, one should exercise the muscle closest to that fat.
Example, if your biceps had a layer of sub-cutaneous fat, doing repeated bicep curls would certainly develop the bicep muscle, but it would do little to reduce the fat over it.
The body does not place/deposit fat based on which muscles are the least used.
Also, the fuel a muscle uses does not come primarily from the fat closest to it.
Instead, the body generally uses fat in the reverse order in which it was added/stored.
Also, if you want to maximize your fat reduction results, it would be an added benefit to adopt a lean diet (low in fat).
Best wishes.


I agree with the above poster, and you also need to realize that just working out long enough to burn the fat then stopping once it’s done will not work for you if you do not change your eating and exercise habits. The fat will just come right back. What would be best for you is to find something that you enjoy doing that gives you exercise, and then stick with it. Perhaps find a sport you like to play that keeps your heart rate up and burns those calories and works the muscles. It calls for making a bit of a life change, but you can’t have what you want and keep doing what caused the problem in the first place.
I wish you the best, take care of yourself.


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