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I need help. I feel different than everyone I know and I feel like I have fictional powers like psychokinesis?

I know you’re probably like “HAHAHA!! GUYS CHECK OUT THIS LOSER” but I DON’T CARE. If you can help me then open this. I’ve studied psychokinesis for a long time(telekinesis) and I think I need to learn it. A lot of superhero movie characters have the same characteristics like mine and I feel I am connected to life itself. HELP ME PLEASE!!


  1. It seems you have a gift as do I but it is hard to master these powers its not like superheros get there powers in like 3 days time it takes practise but can be obtained. I believe that you can help yourself by astral projecting (it has helped me out a little at a time but it helps if you have any question feel free to contact me.
    P.S. This is to other answerer’s that don’t believe: “For every story and myth there is some true to them” in this case I believe he is truthful.
    edit: Yo frz5flm3 the only abuse with powers is in black magic and ouiji boards

  2. If you feel you have a power you should exercise it(there are those of us who do) but key word in movie character is movie and character the movies are just movies. Read BOOKS stay away from jean grey stuff.

  3. back in my high school biology class, I asked my teacher if telekinesis or the ability to move objects without physical force is true. and i was shocked by his answer, considering that he is a Master’s Degree holder in Biology. i couldn’t remember his exact phrase but the concept was like this: “The human mind has the capacity to perform activities and actions which are perceivably impossible, thus, including telekinesis. Though this ability (he was referring to telekinesis) is very rare and not yet proven, I believe that if the mind will focus enough in one thing, like levitating a book, it could happen.”
    of course everyone in my class at that time did not pay attention. telekinesis is not inborn, i mean, you are not born with this ability. i guess the mind has superpowers after all.

  4. I wouldn’t rely too much on superhero movies for anything. Sounds like you have a good imagination and watch a lot of TV. It’s totally normal.

  5. Nobody will be laughing at you if you’re able to demonstrate abilities which modern science says are impossible. In fact, you’d be world famous and almost certainly very wealthy.
    However, if you just sit in your room and think about how cool it would be to have such powers, then that would make you a loser.
    If you sit in your room and convince yourself that you’re making foil pinwheels turn – or whatever – but you’re never able to demonstrate this to others, then you would be a deluded loser.

  6. How are you going to “learn it” though? It’s not like you can go to college and study it…
    If and it’s a big IF, there are people out there who are psycho/telekinetic, then they certainly keep themselves to themselves…I can’t help but think that if most people discovered that they had any kind of “gift”, that they would use it in some way – whether that was for money, fame, or something more beneficial to the world in general.
    In other words, we’d have heard of someone who was genuinely phsycho/telekinetic.
    The fact that we haven’t, leads me to suspect that it either can’t be done, or, as yet, no-one has managed to achieve it.
    I keep a totally open mind about the possibilities of most things “out of the ordinary”, and would encourage you to pursue your belief in yourself somehow – who knows, perhaps YOU are the one who can do what others can’t 🙂
    …but I would advise against getting too drawn into the world of “superhero” powers…that is strictly in the realms of comic-book and movie fantasy…
    For your sake, keep it real and your feet firmly grounded on Planet Earth :)…and if you can’t unlock the secret of telekinesis, don’t forget you have a life to live, full of whatever opportunities you care to take and that life can be as good or bad as you let it be 😀


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