I need help choosing the names for my main characters?

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M1: main character. Quiet and studious. short, dark hair and wide, dark innocent-looking eyes. His brother went missing the same year F1 re-joined the school. It had a great affect on M1 and forced him into a silent form of slight depression. lives with just his mom who keeps calling him by his brothers name and seems to have forgotten who he is. he also used to get beaten by his dad, who mysteriously disappeared, like his brother.
M2:Sort of long sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. a bit of a cassanova. thinks hes more popular than he is though. is m1’s best friend and constantly tries to flirt with F2, but she never actually seems to take the hint. is confident with girls. M2 is a slacker and just manages to scrape by in lessons. Is a bit of a joker.
F1: Long, light blonde (nearly white) hair, usually tied back, wide steel-grey blue eyes, thick dark-eye lashes. Quiet and shy on the outside, fighter on the inside. Very beautiful. Pale skin but blushes often. Very smart. Sometimes wears glasses, usually for reading. Apparent ‘new girl’ at school, but in fact had joined for a few years and had mysteriously left for a year, rejoining the same year m1’s brother went missing. Used to be a geek and *very* unpopular at school before she left, spots, braces full-time glasses, ect. Comes from quite a rich family. Lives just with her abusive dad though.
F3. Black and pink shoulder-length hair. Has wide light green eyes. is loud and energetic, dreams of being a musician. plays in a sort of rock band at the school. is the front woman and guitarist. is musically gifted. her big sister dated m1s big brother. has a crush on m1 but pretends to hate him (haha we all know couples just like that), is a year younger than him though. practises spells and alchemy. m1 thinks of her as a right weirdo.
m3. Has dark hair and eyes. Is a member of a ‘dark cult’ (haven’t came up with a name yet) that practises alchemy and dark magic. is a quiet character but is pretty cocky, seems quite gothic due to the apparent ‘dark aura’ around him. is a strong and powerful fighter. is incredibly good looking lol.
so any ideas? i’m just looking for suggestions that i can play on. thanks!

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M1: Daryll, Aaron, Lucas
M2: Noah, Ethan, Marcus
M3: Connor, Cory, Michael
F1: Evelyn, Paige, Savannah
F2: Grace, Izabella, Kayla
F3: Brooke, Ivanna, Renae


M1 – Marcus / Joseph
M2 – james/jamie
F1 – florence
F2 (or u said 3?) – kimmie
M3 – christopher/kris
i dont really know these are just what springs to mind for me ^.^ i like kimmie 🙂


name their name from Ancient Egyptian pharos…. IZIZ ORORIZ and cleopatra…


M1, Daniel , biblical figure tends to keep things to himself .
M2, would likely be known by a nickname so Gazza for Gary or something similar .
F1, Amy it suggests little or nothing about a person .
F3, Nickname adapted from her surname through wanting to be different , Dakka from Dakermon or something similar .
M3, Edward he is intelligent from a well to do family and would not even consider answering to Ed .
Just suggestions but i hope they give you some ideas .


M1: Kieran
M2: Rhett
F1: Kelly
F3: Emily
m3: Tyler


M1- Charles (a.k.a.: Chuck and/or Chaz)
M2- Stefan (a.k.a.: Stef)
M3- Vincent
F1- Loriline (a.k.a.: Lor/Lori)
F2- Candice (a.k.a.: Candi/Candy)


Try looking in the telephone book or remembering your school friends and you are bound to find something that will appeal.
Good luck.

Alice C

If your having trouble, make up a name. Or, look on a baby naming website. One of my favorite authors does that and her characters fit their names perfectly.


1- Blake.


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