Home Discussion Forum i need help about telepathy.anyone can help me?

i need help about telepathy.anyone can help me?

where can i get pictures about telepathy and brain?
please help me…


  1. And once you are done with Wikipedia’s debunking and stuff… 😉
    Try doing a keyword search on Yahoo or Google for “remote viewing” and “Stanford Research Institute”. Seriously, the CIA and Stanford spent *millions* of dollars over more than a decade working on a protocol for training and teaching people how to use ESP-like phenomena….some say it’s been discredited, sure, but if you look carefully at the material, you’ll notice that the only way people like Uri Geller could *fail* on this stuff was by folks *not letting him follow the protocol as instructed*. Seriously. So there is still some question, at least among ordinary folks like me, as to whether this “discrediting” was kosher or whether it was rigged to fail….
    Then do some searches on Yahoo, Google, or the Popular Science site http://www.popsci.com/
    for the “Soviet geo-magnetic research” concerning “telepathy and ESP”. It seems the Soviet-era Russians had their own theory about this stuff, that it was all just a highly refined *bio-magnetic* sense of the human brain, not unlike what *migratory birds* use to discern north and navigate.
    And then….if you want some stuff that tells you where telepathy-like phenomena can fit in to things on a “big picture” level, search Yahoo, Google or Popular Science above for “Jungian Psychology”, the “collective unconscious” and “synchronicity”.
    That last word is important as “synchronicity” is what psychologists use to *seriously* discuss ESP and telepathy-like phenomena without being laughed out of the room. 🙂 But apparently there may well be something to the notion of humanity having a shared network or shared database of common thoughts or thought processes that we are only aware of at the level of “unconscious deliberation.”
    Hope this helps somewhat….the proof is out there even if Big Science sees no money (and no reason) to support the existence of anything *like* telepathy.
    (and don’t get me started on how telepathy, if proven to exist, might lead to an energy-based theory of consciousness that would *imply* a Theory of Soul, ok? I know….the Skeptics and Nay-Sayers in charge of the *money* fear this topic worse than they do *anything* the Evangelicals can throw up)


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