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i need advice from witches!!!! how do i keep a Book of Shadows?!?

i have recently become interested in Wicca, and would like some help/advice on how to keep books on Wicca!!
i need all the help i can get, and pls give me as much detail as possible!
thx a bunch xoxo


  1. Well, most Books of Shadows are more like diaries, detailing rituals and possibly spellwork, containing recipes, etc. Mine is in a 3-ring binder, so I can add in or take out pages as necessary. Use what works for you.
    Starring for other Wiccan contacts.

  2. From my Blog: http://theunbeathenpathsbookofshadows.blogspot.com/2009/10/thrift-pagans-making-your-own-tools.html
    Book of Shadows ~ This is basically a Witches journal in which a Witch places any information he or she deems important. This can be made of anything from a simple spiral bound notebook found in any number of dollarstores throughout the world, to scrapbooks found in any craft store, and even Wal-Mart, to elaborate leather bound, metal-clasped books found in specialty stores on the internet. I, myself, recommend the use of zippered binders, for the simple fact that (because they are a binder) they make it easier to rearrange your pages, (because they are zippered) can hold looseleaf papers, like when a spell sparks in your mind and all you have is a napkin to write it on, and they provide privacy from prying eyes.
    Decorating this book is limited only by your imagination. You can sew or glue on ribbons and/or jewels, stick stickers on, draw runes, symbols, lettering in different styles etc…anything to make your Book of Shadows, yours.
    As for what goes in it, anything from obvious spells and rituals, to your personal jounals, records of your spellworkings, and rituals, stories and poems, information on herbs, stones, moon phases, sabbats, etc…once again limited only by your imagination. All that’s left is to begin your witchy workings.

  3. The great thing about your book of shadows is that there is not any one hard fast rule on how to make or keep it, and it changes as you learn and grow. How about one of those Trapper-keepers like you had in school?? It holds lined note-book paper, plus you can keep folders for papers you collect from various places. I have fliers given out from workshops and rituals I have attended over the years( 25 years so far! ), I have poems and inspirational things I have found, including artwork, I have my very detailed astrology chart done for me by a friend, tarot readings, spells I have written for myself and as gifts for friends. Oh, and I also have kept a on-going dream journal and diary which is also in there. In all my years. so far, I think I have gone through about 20 notebooks. I now have 4 separate collection books, my main book which I keep my most loved stuff and the stuff I myself wrote, I have a general book which hold rituals I liked from on line, people I used to know, or I just wasn’t that crazy about but still find useful, I have a book on Voodoo, Santeria and Hoodoo, and lastly, I have a songbook, with pretty much ever chant out there and then some. Every year, they get cleaned out, revamped, add to, it’s an ever changing process. Your books are going to be extensions of your journey, so they will be what ever you need them to be. Start with a notebook you like and just let it grow from there. Have fun with it and don’t worry if it’s wrong or right, just make it your own!!

  4. First of all your Book of Shadows is private for you or your covens eyes only not your family, sister, brothers, or friends. Do not permit anyone else to even touch it.

  5. The above answers are all great! Just keep in mind that being Wiccan and being a Witch can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Wicca is a path separate from Witchcraft, even though you can be both. Good Luck with your path!!


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