I need a title for this book? HELP!!?

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Basically the book is about a 16yr old girl called Blake who has everything; brains, beauty and boys.Her big sister dies in a car accident a month before summer break and it really takes it’s toll on Blake. She goes to europe with her dad during the summer, she really matures during that summer and gets a new perspective on life. In france she asks her big sister charlotte (she is a fashion designer in paris) to change her. She gets a completely new wardrobe and new hair. When she goes home her new look only increases her popularity at school and with the boys, which wasn’t her intention but no one will believe that will they? There are also three new strangers at school. Mason is the youngest of the McCall siblings and he has his eyes set on Blake. Erin his Mason’s older sister and is trying to talk her little brother out of his ‘Blake Phase’ or so she calls it, because she’s heard the rumours of how Blake came to get her reputation. Hunter is the oldest of the three siblings and acts as the muscle/the protector and he has no problem with Blake and encourages Mason’s feelings for her. When it’s only a week until Blake’s 17th birthday strange things start to happen to her, and she’s scared. One day in class she hears a second voice in her head and it sounds alot like Mason’s ‘Hi i’m Mason McCall’ the voice said in a rather intriguing, flirtasious voice. She turns to see Mason oogling at her which isn’t unusual so she turns back around wandering if she’s crazy. She eventually confides in her father and he tells her that what she’s going through is perfectly normal because she’s a ‘coming of age witch’. And he says that she is a pure white witch. And he says that it will all stop being so scary if she’d only embrace it and learn the craft. When a witch turns 17 they are at a mature and responsiable age so that they can then start learning the craft:wicca.
Basically what happens after that is that she is too scared to embrace it so she tries to ignor the building ball of glowing power inside of her. On her 17th she realises she has other powers other than witchcraft, which is a rare thing; for a witch to have their own individual uniqu powers. Her dad says that her other powers make her a *’Reader’
Ferther on in the story her father gets kidnapped by demons because he refused to let her marry one of them, and she has to embark on a journy to ‘the third dimension’ to save him. She even offers her hand in marriage in exchange for her fathers life.
Mason and his family also turn out to be witches and wizards. Mason has other powers aswell, telakanesis. He is exited to meet someoneelse who has other powers. Him and his brother and sister all go with Blake to save her father and Erin learns that Blake isn’t all that bad afterall. Mason refuses for Blake to marry the demon so he offers himself as a slave.
What will happen then? lol i like the plot and obv there will be better detail but i havent the faintest idea of what to call the book.
*A reader is someone who can read other people’s auras and can get the make up of tehir thoughts but can’t get actual word in those thoughts unless they are projected out for her to hear.She can also see what your seeing or thinking of eg daydreams or memories.
A pure white witch is a witch that has both a full witch mom and a full witch dad, meaning they are also pure witches.The white witch bit means that she is a good witch who uses their powers only for good.
Oh and also i’m not sure of the names Blake and Mason. Any suggestions welcome 🙂
Thanks in advence!!!! =>

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This sounds great! I don’t know exactly what name you should choose but make sure its what you like! Cant wait to read this in the future!


I like the character names. The title could be “A Witch In The Making” or something similar.


It sees like a pretty dark story so I’m guessing something like ‘Night Fall’
I have to mention as well, don’t try to make it like any other story you know, try and make it completely unique. It sounds a little bit like the Wicca books and the powers that she has such as what you are thinking is a lot like Edward Cullen in twilight.
I know it wasn’t exactly Stephanie Meyer’s own idea to choose reading thoughts for a person to be able to do, but this sounds like a good story so make it as unique as possible.
By the way, titles of books should be really clear when you have finished the book.
It doesnt have to have any resemblance to the story at all,
The world Twilight only appeared in the book Twilight once and you could so something like that too.
Good luck.


Maybe something like ‘Beauty, Brains and Broomsticks’
Its the only thing I could come up with
Hope this helps and Good Luck with your story 🙂 x

Enigmatic Dogma

Ooooo I love the names and the plot is very intriguing, although I would make the characters maybe a year or two older to expand your audience, because most of the time adults won’t want to read a story about a bunch of young teens, but 17 and 18 sounds like great ages. One thing I want to say is that I am a writer myself and have had works published and the one thing you need to focus on is research, and the words that really caught my eye and turned my off a bit were “white white”. I am Wiccan/Pagan myself and the one thing you need to understand is that Hollywood movies are the only things that incorporate “good witch/bad witch” crap. There is no devil in the witchcraft and people who practice negative things, like curses and shit, only have it come right back on them, the Wiccan reed is “ever mind the rule of three, what you send out comes back to thee”. And rather than her being “chosen” to be a witch, and witchcraft being rather genetic, with her parents being witches so she is too, I would make it where everyone has the potential to “unlock” the energy that allows them to become magical, but most people are in a brain washed state, and perhaps the death of her sister allowed her to become more aware of this life, and maybe in Europe she goes into a deep depression and her dead sister visits her and informs her of how she can harness the power of the universe and become a witch? Just a thought… and as far as a title is concerned, I think “Awakening” would be a really cool one!! I hope this helps!


Please don’t use the word Wicca in your fiction book. We already have enough stupid people thinking we throw fireballs thanks to that “sweep” nonsense.


How large is a thought? Could it be Magick? Does it shape the future?

Please, magic is for stage performers. Magick is a discipline of my religion.

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