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I need a tibetan temple in London to learn about Buddhism – the kind The Dalai Lama teaches. Any ideas?

I’m particularly looking for one that works along the same path as HH The Dalai Lama, not some of the other types of Buddhism that are taught here in the West. Many thanks.


  1. Jamyang Buddhist Centre
    The Old Courthouse
    43 Renfrew Road
    London SE11 4NA
    Tel: (0207) 820 8787
    Fax: (0207) 820 8605
    Director Diana Carroll
    The Dalai Lama teaches Geluk Tibetan Buddhism. These guys are going to be Geluk, though whether they teach Buddhism ‘like the Dalai Lama’ teaches it may be a different question–HHDL alters his message a great deal depending on to whom he is teaching.

  2. There are basically 4 linages in Tibetan Buddhism
    Gelug (Gelupa)
    Dalai Lama is in the Gelupa Category, it is also known as the yellow hats. Well, I cant be able to answer your question on the Temple location, But I can share with you my shallow esperience in Tibetan Buddhism (by the way, my name is Tsondrue Gyatso it means Ocean of Effort)
    I guess you want a temple because you want a guidance or a guru right?
    I think I have a very suitable person that you can refer to, write me an email at tsondrue.gyatso@gmail.com and I’ll forward it to my guru H.E Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and I’ll try to get you your answer.
    or check out my blog at:
    You can also visit my guru’s website at
    hope you can get your question andwered, and another thing is, Your Temple is at your Heart, You dont need a physical Temple if you have a temple at heart (it is only my opinion)

    • You shouldnt go to any Tsem Tulku centers if you want to follow HH. dalai lama linage, so this master has decided not to follow H.H.’s advice for not to worship a ghost.


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