I need a slogan to advertise the golden dawn in tangerine by edward bloor any ideas?!!?

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for a project we have to advertise the golden dawn using advertising techniques. im completely stuck and need help!

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Huh. Sorry, I read the book, but I can’t think of anything, either.


Try Golden Dawn. 9 out of 10 people agree, “it tastes better than a Golden Shower!”
Use that.


I actualy have to do the same project and i am also stuck


That’s funny. I was searching up the same thing you did to find it. I was thinking maybe something that has to do with Paul’s eyesight or how finally feels like he fits in.


Oh god, I replied seven years late. lol


What happens when you play the Beatles song "Help!" backwards? Is there a subliminal message?

I just heard about it now that I'm doing a paper on it and I became fairly interested.

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