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i need a psychics help!?

i have jus recently started looking into the subject, i started looking into it because i think i am psychic, i just wanna learn how to control it a bit more…the part im stuck on is opening my third eye and visualizing it opening and closing…i believe i have the gift of clairaudience… please help me out with some tips!


  • So you have a gift of clairaudience, but you need to hear things through your third eye? The third eye chakra is overrated; better to focus on overall chakra health than just one chakra. You are probably stuck because the rest of the chakras are out of balance.

    Start at the base chakra and move upwards in visualization.

  • Looking into my crystal ball ha” ha” I can clearly see your problem and
    maybe help you it is called mentally religious and and specks in
    your eyes

  • the best advice i can give you is LOTS AND LOTS of Googleing… i wouldn’t try and open your third eye unless the rest of your energy body can take the strain… i messed up a while back and now every now and then i get this horrible pressure/tingling sensation in the third eye region. seriously – develop the rest of the energy body before moving onto chakras. might want to check out Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics. there is alot of energy work in there. best of luck

  • sorry, either you know things or you don’t. there is no ‘third eye’ involved. If you don`t know if you`re clairvoyant then you probably aren`t

  • You mispelled “a psychics”.

    You should spell it “mental”.

    But then, you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

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