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i need a psychic or medium help please?

i am going through some trouble in my life right now and i really want some guidance from a psychic or a medium.. ive searched online and i really cant afford a call or anything with money.. can anyone help or suggest a free cite or number please!
to add a little more detail my troubles is based on a serious relationship
terri your email address is hidden so i cant get to your email address


  • Hello

    I have sent you a private e-mail, I am sure this will be able to assist you for free ok.

    I wish you all the best.
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  • I know this isn’t exactly an answer, but don’t let those religious nuts get to you. You’re free to choose your own path, and there is nothing wrong with psychics or mediums. The real ones are good, and helpful (and non-satanic). :]

  • While I don’t doubt that there are legitimate mediums out there, most are hoaxes, and there is really no way to tell. A psychologist or therapist, or even a good friend can be an excellent way to unload your feelings and get helpful advice.

    Also, Camille’s a troll.

  • why does someone who needs help go to the devil for help? I do not get it do you want to go to hell?
    Because once you open up the door to the devil he comes right into you and brings more demons.
    remember the maniac in the bible who had a legion of demons in him and he was tormented day and night. that will be you if you do not stop seeking after forbidden occult practices.

    You need to pray to God not ask the devil want to do.
    People who practice witchcraft and tell fortunes have a spirit of divination and in the Bible Paul cast out a demon from a girl who kept talking about them and the girl was delivered that same day.
    She then had a chance to know Jesus. But as long as she was practicing witchcraft she was on a trip to hell. Paul saved her life that day.

    Will you listen or will you lose it all for a fortune that you not really need.

    ask Jesus into your heart and ask Him to take your life and bring you joy.

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